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Coat Accessories for Women – Ultimate List

Beautiful young woman outdoors on a sunny day.

Do you hear the words women’s coat accessories and think of your boring winter hat and scarf? There are many types of coat accessories besides that boring, solid colored hat and scarf set that Aunt Mary gave you for Christmas last year. Women’s coat accessories easily become a fashion statement when you choose the right accessories.

Let your personality and sense of style shine even during the colder months of fall and winter. Do not shop for coat accessories at one store. There are a variety of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops and stores that feature unique accessories for all your coats and jackets.

Let other women fall into the winter doldrums of plain outerwear while you show your fashion sense and personality with a variety of women’s coat accessories. I do not like cold weather, and I mean I do not like cold weather. I found that wearing cool, fun, and unique accessories lightens my dislike for cold weather.

I am covered up and cannot show off my favorite clothing or accessories under my coat. I do not let that affect my style or personality. Wearing the right accessories allows me to show off my style and personality while hopefully brightening someone else’s boring winter day.

Add a Belt

Add a belt to your winter coat and you can change the whole look of your outerwear. It does not matter if you wear a jacket on a cool day or if you wear your heaviest winter coat. Wearing a belt is a simple accessory that allows you to have a stylish winter look.

Do you prefer to choose a belt in a classic style and neutral color? Do you want to splurge on your accessories? Consider the Valentino Garavani Reversable Logo Belt.

V Logo Reversible Leather Belt isolated on white background.

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

Change the appearance when you reverse the belt to the other side, which is a different color. It comes in black/red or beige/black. The belt is made in Italy and crafted from fine Italian leather.

It features an adjustable buckle and goldtone hardware. You can purchase the belt at Saks Fifth Avenue stores or the online site. My budget does not allow me to buy expensive belts to accessorize my winter coat.

I look for more budget-friendly options. One that I really like is the YYXR Women’s Black Vintage Plus Elastic Stretchy Waist Cinch Trimmer Belt.

Women's Wide Patent Leather Fashion Belt Black,Large

The belt allows you to cinch in the waist of your coat for a fashionable look. It is made of polyester, spandex and alloy. The simple black belt gives me a chic, stylish look, no matter which coat I wear on a colder day.

The metal buckle fastening makes it easy to put on and take off when I wear the belt.

Cool Winter Shades

Sunglasses are not just for sunny summer days. A contributor at ELLE explains that exposure to the sun poses a risk to your healthy eyes, no matter the season. You need a pair of shades to wear with that winter coat.

Invest in a couple of stylish shades to wear during the winter. I like having one pair in a classic color and one pair in a color that is outside the box. Consider the Madison Avenue 2 Pack Classic Vintage Sunglasses for Women.

One reason that I like these is the obvious fact that you get two pairs of shades. They have a plastic frame with polycarbonate lenses. They have a 100 percent UV protection coating and have stylish metal detailing on the rim.

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The sunglasses come in a variety of frame colors.

Madison Avenue 2 Pack Classic Vintage Sunglasses for Women, Fashion Sun Glasses with UV400 Protection

I love the Draper James Indigo Gradient sunglasses for the out-of-box, yet stylish sunglasses to accessorize my winter coat. These shades also come in black and in a brown gradient.Draper James Sunglasses isolated on white background.

Source: Eyeconic

The blue indigo gradient shades have gorgeous shades of blue and grey and hints of black, which makes it easy to match these with more than one winter coat hanging in the closet. The cat eye frame provides a stylish look that sets you apart from many other women wearing their winter sunglasses. Do you need prescription lenses?

See if your vision insurance covers the cost of these shades at Eyeconic. They come with a premium case to keep them safe from dust and damage.

The Hat

A hat is a classic accessory for completing a winter look. Consider wearing a hat that makes a statement, rather than wearing that same boring hat that you wore for the last five winters. Do you have a classic sense of style but want to brighten your winter look?

I like the Nirvanna Designs Women’s Crochet Flower Hat.

A color nude pink crochet hat with a flower design.

Source: Nirvanna Designs

I chose the gorgeous purple option, which features a deep dark purple color around the lower part of the hat that frames my face and a lighter color that covers the head. It fits well and provides the warmth that I need for cold winter days and nights. I wear it with my purple coat and with my black coat.

You may like the brown option, which is a solid deep brown. The last option is white, but it is not white unless my eyesight has gotten worse since my last eye exam. It is a two-tome cream with a light taupe shade.

All the color choices have the beautiful floral fashion detail on the side of the hat. The 100 percent wool hat is made in Nepal. Do you like luxury?

Stand out when you wear the Sheared Mink Fur Cossack Hat with Fox Fur Trim.

A woman wearing a Sheared Mink Fur Cossack Hat with Fox Fur Trim.

Source: Overland

The hat comes in four beautiful color options, including iceberg gold/snowtop, black/black, demibuff/crystal, and my favorite, the black/cross. Every color option features glorious variations in the color of the hat, which easily matches this hat to any of your winter coats. It provides supreme warmth while making an elegant fashion statement.

Okay, so you really want to stand out in the crowd. Release your inner hippie rock star with the MichPong Skull Cap Hippie Vintage Mini Van with Peace Sign Balaclava Beanie Hat.

Skull Cap Hippie Vintage Car A Mini Van with Peace Sign Balaclava,Half Balaclava Cool Beanie Hat Caps Winter Knit Soft Hats for Women Men

The hat features the cool retro designs and colors of the hippie days, yet brings you into the modern winters where you want to express your fun and stylish personality. The 100 percent “superior quality” polyester beanie is soft, breathable and comfortable. It is suitable for all your winter activities, whether you plan on spending your winter days hiking or snowboarding or you look forward to winter nights street dancing or heading out to gather with friends to celebrate the season.


Gloves are more than something to keep your hands warm in winter. I buy gloves that express my fashion sense and make the statement that I want to make on a particular day. I like gloves that keep my hands warm without adding so much bulk that I cannot use my hands when wearing the gloves.

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A favorite pair of gloves for me is the MUK LUKS® Women’s Novelty Gloves.

A fashionable women's novelty gloves.

Source: Kohls

Kohls sells these classic, yet fashionable gloves in salmon snowflake, fairy dust, or in dark sapphire. The gloves are comfortable, made of soft, knit fabric. One size fits most women.

Do you prefer more luxury when you wear gloves with your favorite winter coat? Consider purchasing the Women’s Amarylliss Cashmere-Lined Hairsheep Leather Gloves. Overland offers free shipping on these gloves.

A luxury Women's Amaryllis Cashmere-Lined Hairsheep Leather Gloves isolated in white background.

Source: Overland

Choose between the black with rose lining, the charcoal with turquoise lining or the oxford blue with beige lining. The classic bracelet length gloves provide impeccable style with smooth hairsheep leather and 100 percent cashmere lining. They are cozy, comfortable and lightweight gloves that are cut and sewn one glove at a time in England.

The Scarf

Putting on a scarf is one of the easiest ways to accessorize your winter coat. Fashion designers finally realized that a winter scarf is a fashion accessory, not just a product to provide warmth for women during the winter months. I like a classic scarf with a bit of flare to display my style.

One of my favorites is the Lands’ End Women’s Fairisle Winter Scarf.

A combination of colors pink and white of Women's Fairisle Winter Scarf.

Source: Landsend

The varying shades of purple in the soft iris purple color means that you can match it to many winter coats. You do not have to wear it with a purple coat. Stand out by wearing it with a black, blue, brown or even a red coat.

The ribbed trim adds interest to the scarf, while the yarn dyed colors stay vibrant from one season to the next season. It measures 74” L x 10” W, and is made of 100 percent acrylic. Pair it with the matching beanie and mittens for a warm, fashionable winter look.

Simplicity is often the choice of many women when they wear a winter scarf. Does wool or heavy knit fabric make you itch when you wear a scarf? There are classic or fashion-forward scarf options to provide the perfect accessory for your winter coat.

I like the Eileen Fisher Cotton Scarf.

A woman wearing a khaki Eileen Fisher Cotton Scarf.

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

It is crafted of 100 percent cotton yarn and features subtle detailing on the scarf. The short fringe adds additional interest. Choose from khaki or wisteria when you purchase this comfortable scarf.

Hair Band Ear Warmers

Do you hate to wear hats that mess up your long hair? Some hats that I had did not allow me to put my hair into the hat. I like to wear headbands that also function as ear warmers.

They allow me to look fashionable and provide superior protection and warmth for my ears. One that I particularly like is the Whaline Winter Knitted Headband Bow Twisted Hair Bands Thick Chenille Ear Warmers.

Whaline Winter Knitted Headband Bow Twisted Hair Bands Thick Chenille Ear Warmer Crocheted Turban Head Wraps Elastic Hair Band Accessories for Girls Women Christmas, 4 Pack (Beige, Pink, Gray, Brown)

They come in a convenient and budget-friendly four-pack that includes one pink, beige, brown and gray ear warmer. The bow knot design provides style while the chenille fabric provides warmth and comfort. There is no more trying to stuff your hair into an uncomfortable winter hat.

One additional feature that I like is that they stretch, which means that they fit most older girls and women’s heads.

Brooches for Winter Coats

My favorite winter coat accessory is a brooch. I express my personality, my fashion sense and style, and my mood of the day with one simple accessory. My brooches are not always simple, which is another reason why I like brooches.

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You can find fantastic holiday brooches like the RareLove Red Christmas Poinsettia Brooch.

RareLove Red Christmas Poinsettia Brooch, Red Flower Green Leafs Poinsettia Flower CZ Rhinestone Crystal Christmas Brooch Pins and Brooches for Women Girls Silver Plated Alloy,Holiday Brooch Jewelry

It is affordable, yet it is hypoallergenic and made of polished nickel-free alloy. The sparkling red, green and crystal show your classic holiday style. I like brooches that really stand out and make a fashion statement.

I purchased my favorite brooch on Etsy. It is a large 4.5” x 3” peacock with varying shades of purple, plum, and multi-colored purple and blue stones.

A Huge Stunning purple lavender plum multicolor rhinestone brooch pin Peacock handed by someone.

Source: Etsy

It has gold plating accents throughout the pin. It makes a stunning accent as an accessory on any winter coat. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. It is a gorgeous brooch that comes in a blue velvet pouch.

Do you want an antique brooch or one that has a vintage or antique style? The Light In The Box Edwardian Rococo Baroque Victorian 18th Century Brooch pins give you the look and style of an antique brooch.

Edwardian Rococo Baroque Victorian 18th Century Brooch Pins isolated in white background.

Source: Light In The Box

The look says antique, which is ideal for wearing on your winter coat. I like the vintage, classic look of this brooch. The price is affordable, which is another feature that I like about the brooch.

It is made of chrome and comes in your choice of gold, gray, black, rosy pink, purple, green, or several other colors. Do you prefer a real antique brooch and not just the look of one? I prefer to purchase antique brooches from an Etsy store or from thrift shops.

I purchased an antique rhinestone flower brooch and a sterling silver filagree brooch from different shops on Etsy.

Antique French Diamond, Art Deco Brooch, Engagement Brooch.

Source: Etsy

The Bag

Yes, the right handbag is an important accessory when you step out wearing a winter coat. I used to wear any handbag, because I thought that my purse did not matter when I had on a coat. Once I became fashion savvy, I learned that the right handbag matters when I have on a coat, just as it does during the summer months.

Do you like classic style when you shop for a handbag to wear with your winter coat? The Sedona Vintage Horween Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag provides that classic look that goes well with all your winter coats. The copper color easily goes with your other winter coat accessories.

A fashionable Sedona Vintage Horween Leather Crossbody Shoulder or handbag.

Source: Overland

The bag is sturdy, made of distressed leather with genuine brass hardware. It has a snap on each side that allows you to adjust the size of the handbag. The multiple pockets provide for easy storage of all your essentials and extra bag “stuff.”

You know you have “stuff,” even when you carry a high-quality bag like this one. I like a handbag that lets me carry everything without feeling heavy on my shoulder. My daughter calls my bags “suitcases” because I like large handbags.

Montana West Tote Bag for Women Hobo Purses and Handbags Leather Satchel Shoulder Bag Large and Medium 2PCS Purses Set,black B2B MWC2-030BKThe handbag has long front tassels for style and simple, classic gold tone details. I chose this bag because it is roomy enough to carry all my essentials and “stuff” in one handbag. The main zipper pocket secures everything safely inside the purse, while the interior zipper pocket provides extra security for smaller items.

There is also an interior open pocket for my phone. Carry your umbrella, your water bottle or other drinks, your cell phone and other things all inside this roomy bag. Choose from black, brown, coffee, gray or the khaki color option.