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Coat Accessories for Men – Ultimate List

Happy face of a businessman wearing formal dress.

Most of us want to look our best every time we get dressed. When men wear a suit and suit coat, it is part science and style. When wearing a suit, it should be measured precisely, so it fits well.

These measurements include the inseam, sleeves, shoulders, and waist. Even when a suit fits perfectly, accessories add the finishing touch. The right accessories add personality, create style, and break up the monotony of your suit coat.

There are great accessories for everyone, even those on a budget. One point to consider is that you do not want to wear all of these accessories at the same time. You should be more minimalist in your selection.

This ultimate list will give you all the details you need about coat accessories.

Coat Accessories for Men


Three adult men wearing a winter jacket and black leather belt.

Whether or not a man should wear a belt with a suit has been a question for some time. The belt has a basic function, which is to keep your suit pants up and not fall down. If your suit pants do not fit perfectly, you most likely need a belt.

You want to make sure your pants are always at the right height. The last thing you need is to be at a professional engagement, and your pants begin to slip.

If you have custom-made pants or a custom-made suit, you may not need a belt. The goal is to have your pants fit perfectly. If they do, you can leave the belt.

It does not end with function for belts. They can also be fun and stylish. If you are keeping your suit coat open and your shirt tucked, you may want to wear a belt that adds to your outfit.

However, you do not want to wear a belt that is too flashy and takes away from your suit.


A headless shot of an elegant fashionable cufflink.

Cufflinks have been the source of confusion and sophistication for a long time. As a result, many are confused about whether or not they should use cufflinks or what purpose they serve at all.

Cufflinks have been considered an accessory for formalwear or evening wear. It could be a black tie or white tie affair. They are often worn with French cuffs.

You can find them in business attire occasionally.

Cufflinks are decorative and functional. You can find them in various materials, sizes, shapes, and styles. They are put through the buttons holes on the cuffs of long sleeves of shirts.

Typically, there are buttons on dress shirts; however, some shirts, including those with French cuffs, do not have buttons and require cufflinks.

The event you are attending dictates what type of cufflinks you want to use. If you are at a black tie event, use understands cufflinks. If you have cufflinks that are more comedic than traditional, you may want to reserve those for a more casual event.

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Lapel Pin

Man in a tuxedo with a lapel pin.

A lapel pin is an old-school type of coat accessory. However, it does bring a sense of charm and novelty to a suit coat. When using a lapel pin, you want it to express your style without taking away from your entire outfit.

A more modern version of a lapel pin is a long-stem lapel pin. These pins are fastened with a stick pin. They come in various designs, including arrows, instruments, geometric shapes, and metallic designs.

A boutonniere is considered a lapel pin. It is a more form type of lapel accessory. It is created with a live flower, but it is possible for them to be made from fake flowers that are silk or wool.

A boutonniere is something that you save for special occasions like a wedding or holiday party. You would not wear this into your office.

Another type of lapel pin is a badge pin. This variation is typically intended to indicate affiliation with something, like a national flag, a family crest, or a military insignia. When you choose to wear a lapel pin, it should make sure it goes through the buttonhole on your left lapel.

If your coat does not have a buttonhole, you can put the pin directly through the fabric. You want to position it, so it is higher than your pocket or pocket square. It should also be at an angle that matches the angle of the lapel.

Pocket Square

A close up shot of a man in bue suit with pink bow tie, flower brooch, and pink blue strip pocket square.

A pocket square is a great accessory. It is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your coat. A pocket square goes in your breast pocket, and it is a versatile piece of material.

It is the perfect way to add personality to coats. Some consider a pocket square to be an essential part of your outfit.

A pocket square does not have to be a solid color; it can also be a pattern. If your suit has a strong pattern, you should consider a solid pocket square. However, if you have a solid neutral suit, that is your chance to go all out with your pocket square.

If you are wearing a tuxedo to a formal event, you must have a pocket square. You want it to be silk and white. If you carry around a handkerchief and are in the habit of having one, do not try to make your pocket square do double work.

It is not a handkerchief and should not be used like one.

When considering a pocket square, you do not have to match your tie. You want to have the primary color of your coat, shirt, or tie and have that be the secondary color for your pocket square. If you want to have a pocket square for a more casual event, it can help elevate your suit.

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You also want to pay attention to how you fold your pocket square before putting it in your pocket. There are a number of ways you can fold it; some are simple and understated, while others stand out more.

Suspenders (Braces)

Groom wearing bowtie and suspenders.

Suspenders are also referred to as braces. They tend to be a forgotten accessory today. Most likely, the suspenders that you find today are ones that have metal clips at the end of them that clip onto the waistband of pants.

This type of brace usually does not secure well to pants.

The original braces were buttoned to pants with leather ends and thick cloth. The cloth was thick, so it would not stretch. When you have a quality pair of braces, they can make a statement with your outfit.

They can also help pants hold onto the crease, so they drape properly. You should wear braces or a belt, but not both together. Both of these accessories are intended to keep pants in place.


Portrait of businessman in the studio using futuristic phone and tablet.

A tie is one of the men’s coat accessories that is a no-brainer. Ties come in various colors, fabrics, and widths. But, of course, you must consider the shirt and the tie knot when you are thinking about the tie you want to wear.

Ties tend to be more widely worn with suits, so they are one of the easiest accessories to add. Ties can be worn even in the most conservative settings. You want to keep in mind that the pattern and color of your tie should match your shirt, coat, and pocket square.

There are some thoughts to consider when pairing a tie with your outfit. If you have a solid shirt that is white or a light blue with a navy suit, or some other classic color, the sky is the limit for the patterns and colors you can choose for your tie.

When you want to match your tie with your suit, think of the color wheel. You can match the colors of your suit and tie them to opposite sides of the color wheel—for example, navy pairs well with orange. However, if you are wearing patterns, keep one rule in mind.

This rule is that you do not want your tie pattern to match the pattern of your suit. Instead, you want the sizes of the patterns to be different sizes.

Tie Clip

Man in blue suit with tie, tie clip and handkerchief.

A tie clip is most likely the smallest accessory that you have in your collection. However, a tie bar, tie clip, or tie pin can add a touch of class to your suit coat. They are also incredibly functional.

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A tie clip is intended to secure your tie in place to your dress shirt. If you are wearing a sweater or vest, you do not need to wear a tie clip. Tie clips come in many different colors, sizes, and styles.

You want to ensure that your tie clip is not wider than your tie. A tie clip should be placed between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt. If you are wearing a straight tie, you can use just about any type of tie bar or tie pin.

However, if you opt for a tie bar, you want it to be about 3/4 the width of your tie.


Sad businessman under the rain with rose.

An umbrella is an interesting accessory that you can pair with your coat. When the weather is bad, this is a completely functional accessory. Although some have chosen to carry an umbrella even when it is not raining.

While it is not a true coat accessory, it makes a statement when you are well-dressed in a suit and have an umbrella. If you really want to make a statement, you should choose an umbrella with a wood handle.


Headless shot of a man wearing elegant watch on his left arm.

Next to a tie, the watch is the easiest accessory to add to your coat. It may be the best-looking one, too. Since we all have smartphones in hand most of the time, most people do not need a watch to tell the time.

However, there is the thought that every man should invest in a nice watch. The key is to purchase a watch that is well styled and looks good. It is best if you have several watches from which you can choose but that may not fit into your budget.

Since smartphones have become so commonplace, watches are used to make statements. If you invest in a watch as a statement, you want it to be well crafted. You can choose a watch that truly reflects your personality.

There are some things to consider when deciding which watch to wear with your suit coat.

If you have a watch with a brown leather strap, that is something you wear during the day. A watch with a black leather strap is for evening or black tie affairs. You want a watch that has clean lines and is not overly bulky.

This is especially true if you have thinner wrists.

You can also consider a pocket watch. They should be worn in the waistcoat pocket if you have one. You can use the dangling fob should be as a chance to express your personality.

If you do not wear a waistcoat, you can attach the T-bar to your lapel and place the watch in your breast pocket.