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18 Jackets Similar to Carhartt Brand

Exterior sign at a Carhartt retail store location.

One of the most popular brands in work wear is Carhartt, all due to the quality of the clothing line and the affordable cost. Carhartt has a clothing line ranging from jeans and shirts to jackets, which is its most popular item in the line. They started in 1889 and have remained a family business since that time.

The goal of their clothing is to make sure that all industry workers everywhere have items that allow them to work in various conditions, remaining warm and staying dry during the shift. If you are not able to get a Carhartt jacket, you have several brands to choose from.

1. Dickie’s

Dickies Men's Insulated Eisenhower Front-Zip Jacket,Black,Medium/Regular,Black,Medium/Regular

The best alternative to a Carhartt is the Dickie’s brand for work wear. The quality of their work wear, especially jackets, compares to that of Carhartt’s. They have been in business since 1922 and the jackets are made for the American worker in all environments.

Whether it is cold, wet, or you just need sleeves for working, there is a Dickie’s jacket that will accommodate that environment. Dickie’s takes their jackets a step further into areas like the restaurant industry where there is a need for quality work wear that hasn’t been explored by many of the brands on this list.

2. Wrangler

Wrangler mens Cowboy Cut Western Unlined Denim Jacket outerwear, Denim, Large US

Mostly associated with farming and reaching, Wrangler is another brand that embodies quality and efficiency for work wear. Wrangler focuses more on those working outdoors, so it is designed to keep you warm and dry at all times. The Wrangler jacket can come in a variety of options, like denim, Sherpa-lined denim, printed jackets, and flannel options that are most popular.

Sherpa, fleece, and duck line the Wrangler jackets just like a Carhartt. They have a similar price point, as well. What is different is the association with denim that Wrangler has, and Carhartt does not.

3. Duluth

Columbia Men's Granite Mountain Fleece Jacket (Medium, Black)

Whether you are heading outdoors or to the factory to work, you can choose from a variety of Duluth jackets to help keep you warm. The classic styles of the Duluth jackets look similar to the Carhartt brand and even have a layer of fleece in them. Not all of their jackets are waterproof, however, so if you are planning to use Duluth for work wear, be mindful of your purchases.

They have jackets that range in everything from flannel and hoodies to quality outerwear. The jackets that are similar to the Carhartt brand will often be about 10 percent higher.

4. Dri Duck

Dri-Duck Men's 5020 Cheyenne Hooded Work Jacket, Tobacco, Large

Like Carhartt, Dri Duck embraces the canvas work jacket. You can also get it in eight different colors to fit your personal preference. Choose from a hooded jacket or a non-hooded jacket.

The model and design are similar to Carhartt and can be mistaken for one if someone is looking from a distance. These jackets keep workers dry in wet conditions outdoors or even inside factory areas where there is excessive water. Compared to Carhartt, the Dri Duck will either run about the same price, or it will be a little less.

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These jackets are also available in all sizes, even plus-size options.

5. Walls

Walls Men's Super Duck Hooded Bomber Jacket, Pecan, XL

If you are looking for a brand that is strictly outdoor-oriented, then you should consider the Walls brand. They have their own signature jackets that have been a staple on oil rigs, ranches, construction sites, and other outdoor work sites for over 80 years. Being able to maintain safety, warm temperatures, and keeping you dry while working is at the core of their designs.

Like Carhartt, they also make all types of outerwear, but jackets are always the top seller and most requested item. Wall jackets take advantage of chest pockets and offer a variety of insulation options within.

6. Caterpillar

Caterpillar Men's Heavy Insulated Parka (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes), Black, Large

When you see that CAT sign, you know it embodies work and the outdoors. This is why a Caterpillar jacket is one of the competitors of Carhartt. While they do not have the same design, they do have the same goals and quality options for those who need them.

The Caterpillar jackets vary in insulation needs and shells. Since they are focused on those who are operating equipment in all types of conditions, they design their jackets to help them perform and maintain safety during operations. When it comes to pricing, the Caterpillar jackets are less expensive than the Carhartt jackets.

7. Red Kap

Red Kap Men's Slash Pocket Quilt-Lined Jacket, Black, Large

Red Kap takes the working American into consideration like Carhartt, but the industries they focus on are a bit different. Instead of looking to industries that are heavily outdoors, they focus on areas like automotive, culinary, and in transportation to have quality work wear. Their performance jackets can be durable and flexible like Carhartt’s, but they will not be getting mistaken for a Carhartt.

They also take advantage of Sherpa and duck feathers to line the jacket’s insulation. They are not as expensive as a Carhartt and are not as thick.

8. Wolverine

WOLVERINE Men's Overman Fleece Lined Cotton Duck Canvas Hooded Shirt Jacket, Granite, X-Large

Like Carhartt, the Wolverine jacket can come in many options, including the classic brown canvas jacket that embodies the working American. Wolverine has been around almost as long as Carhartt, and their jackets are designed to take the beating of working in factories or outdoors for years and still last. Wolverine is sold by a variety of retailers across the country, so their jackets are accessible especially when Carhartt may not be.

You can also find these jackets to have a more affordable price tag than Carhartt which is why some think they make a great substitute when Carhartt is not available.

9. Filson

Filson Neoshell Reliance Jacket Olive Drab SM

The purpose behind every Filson jacket is to have shelter from the environment you are in, staying dry, warm, and safe while navigating through the woods or the factory. Like Carhartt, they offer a variety of jacket options so that you can choose which is ideal for your working environment. Everything from Sherpa fleece jackets to down parkas is available at Filson.

There are more than jackets available at Filson, including pants and accessories that compliment the purpose of the outerwear. Filson is not carried everywhere, but it makes a good option when the Carhartt is not available and you need quality for work, outdoors, or both.

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10. Land’s End

Lands' End Womens UL Packable Down Jacket Black Regular Large

Outerwear jackets that are designed specifically for the rough winter months, Land’s End does have some similarities to Carhartt. They offer a variety of jacket options with several types of insulation to fit your needs. The focus of this brand is the deep winter, so their jackets may be too warm for the Southern area of the country.

They do have some differences when it comes to Carhartt, however. They are brighter and more fashionable than Carhartt. You will see color tones and patterns that are not found in the Carhartt shop.

However, they will keep you warm while outdoors and have a similar price in comparable jackets.

11. Levi’s

Levi's Men's The Trucker Jacket, Medium Stonewash, Large

Known for their trucker denim jacket, Levi’s is a brand that has been around since the early 1900s, designing a jacket that works for truckers initially and others out in the field. Like Carhartt, there are some Levi’s jackets that maintain that warm quality of being Sherpa-lined and meant for the outdoors. The Levi’s canvas jacket is great for outdoor work and staying warm in all industries.

If you are in need of a warm jacket and Carhartt is not available, Levi’s canvas trucker jacket is a good option. Over the years, Levi’s has changed hands in ownership and taken more of an interest in being fashionable. The quality may not be as good as other brands on this list.

12. Timberland

Timberland PRO Men's Dry Shift Lightweight Jacket, PRO Orange, Large

You may think about the classic Timberland construction boot when you hear that name, but Timberland has been an innovator in work and outerwear since 1952. The same quality they put into their shoes, they put into their jackets, making them a good alternative to Carhartt. Both have designs that work with industry-level work and being outdoors.

With Timberland, you will find more jacket options from colors and styles to designs and purposes. Carhartt does not put the same fashion emphasis on their jackets. You can find jackets that are water-resistant, lined with insulation, soft shells, and puffer designs.

13. Cornerstone

CornerStone - Duck Cloth Work Jacket L Black

Having a jacket that will accommodate you in every scenario, allowing you to work and move as much as you need while maintaining your body heat and being dry is something that Cornerstone keeps in mind with each design they make. Most of the jackets are lined with duck feathers for the warmest of comfort and insulation. This is similar to Carhartt, and the traditional canvas work jackets can be purchased in a Cornerstone brand.

In most cases, you may find Cornerstone to be a few dollars cheaper, and have a modest-quality that will allow the jacket to last for several years.

14. Berne

Berne Men's Heritage Hooded Jacket, Large Regular, Black

Like Carhartt, Berne has a focus on quality outerwear that makes it easy to work and stay warm all at the same time. They have also been in business for over a century, dating back to 1915. Starting back in Indiana, the Berne company has kept its roots at the center of its company and worked to promote the American worker in every way.

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The classic canvas jacket makes a return with Berne and is a little less expensive than the Carhartt option. Berne also has a line of outerwear that has concealed carry options for both men and women in their jackets. You can find outerwear by Berne for men, women, and children, just like Carhartt offers.

From their mission and design to the price of the two companies, there is a lot in common, and you cannot go wrong when choosing Berne as an alternative option.

15. Round House Jeans

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Stretch Denim Jacket, Weathered, X-Large

With the beginning of Round House Jeans around 1903, they are one of the oldest companies found in the heartland of the USA. Located in Oklahoma, Round House Jeans expanded its denim line to include canvas work jackets similar to the popular Carhartt jacket. Like Carhartt, the traditional lining is made with duck, and it comes in just a handful of color options.

Because the quality is similar, you can expect these jackets to last almost as long as the Carhartt. You can also expect to pay about the same as you would for a Carhartt.

16. Ben Davis Clothing

Ben Davis Down Hooded Jacket with Front Snap (X-Large) Black

Expanding their outerwear to include work wear options, Ben Davis Clothing has moved to include work wear jackets that are similar to the Carhartt Jacket. The hooded zipper front jacket is the closest to the Carhartt, offering side entry pockets, elastic waistband, and cuffs so that you can be mobile while wearing your jacket. It also has a layer of insulation to keep you warm and dry like the Carhartt.

When you purchase this jacket, however, it will be just a few dollars less than the Carhartt, and it may not last as long. However, it is a great substitute to purchase for the time being.

17. Tough Duck

Dri-Duck Men's Dri Duck Acceleration Waterproof Softshell Jacket Black X-Large

Like Carhartt, the Tough Duck brand strives to offer jackets that will accommodate the outdoorsman and working man inside each customer. Their products can be used interchangeably like Carhartt, and they offer a bomber-style jacket that looks like an almost replica of the Carhartt. It does have lots of additional storage, has duck lining, and is topped with a material that is water-resistant on top.

This makes the jacket great for hunting trips or heading off to work. While they have not been around as long as Carhartt, Tough Duck has been leaving a legacy for over 80 years. Throughout this time, they have provided outerwear to keep you safe, warm, and dry.

18. White Bear

White Bear Clothing Co. Microfiber Windshirt Style 5150 Atlantic Blue/Ivory 2XL

If you want a jacket replacement that will match the quality of Carhartt, then you should consider investing in a White Bear jacket. Because they use many of the same high-quality materials, you can expect this jacket to last for several years as your Carhartt would, while keeping you comfortable during work. You can choose the canvas jacket with or without a hood, and feel warm with the imbedded duck lining.

The price of these jackets are a little more than Carhartt, but not overly expensive.