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21 Jackets Similar to Canada Goose Brand

Man with Canada Goose black jacket in New York street.

Do you love the warmth and comfort of the Canada Goose brand jacket but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag? Alas, some alternatives will meet the same level of comfort at a fraction of the cost. Perhaps you want to find a different brand that’s comparable or higher-end.

Don’t worry; I’ve researched for you, so you can find a jacket that meets your winter needs and falls within your price range. If you’ve found this post, then you know that Canada Goose needs no introduction. They deliver some warmest coats best suited for the most extreme weather.

You are covered with Canada Goose from the North Pole to Antarctica and everything in between. Celebrities have been sporting Canada Goose for many years, which may make them even more appealing. Undoubtedly, the brand has garnered world-renowned recognition due to its arctic apparel design and superior quality.

However, numerous alternate brands offer equally impressive designs, quality, and materials. Keep reading to learn more about these equally impressive brands similar to Canada Goose!

What is Canada Goose?

Canada Goose brand parkas in a store in New York.

Before jumping into the numerous Canada Goose alternative, it’s essential to understand the brand better. Canada Goose is a winter weather company based out of Canada that has been around since 1957. Due to the celebrities wearing their jackets, Canada Goose has become one of the most popular winter weather gear manufacturers.

The company is best known for its down-filler winter coast but makes other high-quality winter garments. Interestingly, Canada Goose began in a tiny Toronto Wearhouse over 60 years ago. Since celebrity endorsement, the company has become a multi-million-dollar organization that sells the highest quality winter apparel globally.

While the prices may be higher than most others on the list, the quality and durability are virtually unmatched. Therefore, many consumers are willing to fork over the dough because a Canada Goose jacket is a winter investment. Canada Goose jackets are so expensive because the brand is considered a luxury due to the global promotions from celebrities.

Also, coat owners claim that the Canada Goose technology and materials are far superior to other winter coat brands, so it’s essential to find what you like as an alternative to Canada Goose.

1. Amazing Arc’teryx, the sportier option

Interior shot of Arc'teryx store at ifc mall in Hong Kong.

Arc’teryx offers a sportier winter jacket option that allows you to participate in various outdoor activities. This Vancouver brand is determined to create a positive change by bettering internal practices and procedures in core operations while supporting partners and projects that align with corporate values. From a consumer perspective, you can expect Arc’teryx to produce high-quality outdoor wear while maintaining a high level of corporate sustainability.

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2. Columbia, an American staple brand

Columbia clothing section in a supermarket Siam Paragon in Bangkok.

While Columbia is a globally recognized brand, it started right in the good old U.S.A. As an affordable alternative to Canada Goose, Columbia delivers designs that start at $100, all to keep you warm and comfortable. Founded in Portland, Oregon, Columbia has been launching outdoor wear for over 70 years.

What’s most remarkable about this company is its reputation has reached far and wide while remaining a family business. In addition to warm, protective, and comfortable jackets, Columbia has footwear and apparel with equal benefits.

3. The snowboard gear company Burton

Burton Mens Reserve Bib Pant, Martini Olive, Medium

When most hear the company name Burton, they immediately think of snowboards and maybe some related apparel; I know I did. Therefore, I was surprised to learn that Burton makes some killer winter wear beyond essential snowboarding gear. This famous company has been a star in the industry for many years.

Launching trendy and bold patterns and comprised of some of the finest materials known to man, Burton is a fantastic alternative to Canada Goose. Remember, the company started by producing snowboards and related gear, which means they know their way around some fresh powder!

4. The infamous Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Men's MicroTherm 2.0 StormDown Hooded Jacket,Storm (Gray),L Regular

Like Columbia, Eddie Bauer is another name on this purely American list. The company manufactures sustainable products by utilizing processing methods and materials that limit the environmental impact they could have otherwise. In addition, the brand is taking giant strides to become a more inclusive retailer for all body shapes and types since every customer should be able to enjoy the great outdoors, regardless of their shape, size, or preference.

5. The Scandinavian Fjallraven

Fjallraven - Men's Keb Padded Hoodie, Black, L

Most consumers only know this brand because of their trendy Kanken backpack. However, did you know that the brand also has a variety of other clothing and equipment geared toward the outdoors? With parkas starting at around $300, well under the Canada Goose price point, the brand is affordable and delivers an exceptional product.

If you love the quality of their backpack, then you will enjoy their winter gear.

6. Helly Hansen, a European staple

Helly Hansen Men's Standard Dubliner Waterproof Windproof Breathable Rain Coat Jacket, 990 Black, Large

For those in the U.S., Helly Hansen may not be a familiar brand. However, it’s prevalent in Europe and slowly making its way into the American market. Helly Hansen has been producing jackets for over 140 years, so the brand is tried and trusted by countless experts across the globe.

At Helly Hansen, you will find everything you need to remain toasty, even during the harshest weather on the coldest winter night.

7. Land’s End should end with you loving their apparel

Lands' End Mens Classic Squall Jacket Radiant Navy Tall XX-Large

Land’s End is another timeless outerwear brand that manufactures excellent products using high-quality materials. The brand is focused on launching stylish pieces that customers want while still providing fantastic durability. Like Canada Goose, Land’s End uses top-quality materials to meet the fashion needs of its consumers while simultaneously providing the longevity they expect.

8. L.L. Bean, an American staple

Columbia Men's White Out II Omni Heat Insulated Puffer Jacket (L, Black)

L.L. Bean is as American as pie, and since they have been around since 1912, they know exactly what they’re doing. The company continues to deliver excellent outdoor gear and classic styles, making them an excellent alternative to Canada Goose. In addition, the brand features a massive variety of winter jackets and coats that you can browse online or in-store.

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So if you’re planning an enormous trip into the wilderness or want to walk around town in the winter, L.L. Bean provides the best winter jackets to meet your needs.

9. Mackage is the Mac Daddy of them all

Mackage Mike Jacket - Men's Navy, 38

As another celebrity favorite, Mackage is rather new to the industry, with a launch in 1999. However, that doesn’t make them any less trendy or effective than Canada Goose. The best way to describe a Mackage jacket is to bridge the gap between fashion, warm outerwear, and functionality.

Who doesn’t love a jacket that’s trendy and functional simultaneously?

10. Marmot

The Italian luxury lifestyle brand Moncler

Marmot Men’s Guides Hoody Jacket | Down-Insulated, Water-Resistant, Lightweight, Jet Black, Large

When you think of winter, you rarely think of Italy unless you have had a life-changing experience in northern Italy. Moncler is an Italian luxury lifestyle brand best known for its sportswear and down jackets. The brand name originates from Monestier-de-Clermont, a small alpine town near Grenoble, France, so the abbreviation is Moncler.

The company’s parkas and puffers are some of the most notable because they portray the highest level of luxury while remaining functional in even the harshest weather.

11. Moose Knuckles, approved by moose everywhere

Moose Knuckles Men's Jackpine Down Jacket, Black, Medium

Moose Knuckles is a brand created based on the idea that the company could develop the toughest, leanest, and most luxurious sportswear around the globe. This Canadian brand has taken this a step further by following a motto highlighting the use of Canadian brainpower combined with the history and grit added to all zippers, stitches, and fibers. Like Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles parkas and jackets are designed for the harshest weather conditions in Canada and the U.S. but were also developed with a fashion sense in mind.

You can wear them out in the Canadian wilderness or significant cities.

12. The classic Nobis coat

Nobis Mens Yatesy Parka Jacket Duck Down Crosshatch Black (XL)

If you’re searching for a classic fitted jacket that’s functional and stylish, then Nobis is the best option on the market. As an alternative to Canada Goose, which is also useful and stylish, Nobis’s leading quality winter jackets keep you warm and safe in all weather conditions. Using waterproof material, you can go outside during a winter rainstorm or be subjected to the regular hail, sleet, or snow that your area of the world receives.

The classic Nobis coat has you covered in any situation, just like Canada Goose.

13. The Canadian Norden company

Spyder Pelmo Down Jacket, Black/Red, Medium

Based out of Canada, Norden is a PETA-certified B Corporation that focuses on creating high-quality outerwear that’s sustainable, ethically produced, and affordable. All jackets are 100% recycled materials while optimizing functionality and design features. The company’s philosophy is focused on providing better outerwear that is great for the planet.

Their mission statement motivates employees to strive better for a green world to ensure it’s still around for future generations.

14. Obermeyer, not the popcorn guy

Obermeyer Tuscany II Jacket Squall Out 16


Obermeyer is a much less known brand to the average consumer. Like several others on this list. Obermeyer creates products from sustainable materials and responsibly sourced fabrics. The brand also uses waterproof zippers on all apparel and outer shell fabrics that keep you warm and dry, even on the rainiest days.

15. Orage, close to the spelling of orange, but not

orage Women's Link Jacket, G108 Heather Grey, Small

Orage provides outerwear, accessories, base layers, layering, and casual wear, which is a different approach to apparel than most other companies. Regardless of the season, each product was engineered to keep you dry and warm during even the worst weather. Most experts consider Orage a one-stop shop for all premium cold weather gear.

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From a pricing perspective, Orage is consistent with Canada Goose.

16. Yet another Canadian company – Pajar

Pajar Roxy Women's Duck Down Fox Fur Trim Puffer Coat Black Size L.

While Pajar may not directly sound Canadian, the company was founded in 1963 in Montreal and continues to be operated by the family. The brand features a vast product offering unique winter coats, bombers, puffers, and other jacket styles. Given its location in the colder weather, the company has fine-tuned and perfected the art of jacket provided warmth, so you can rest assured that this is an investment you will not regret.

17. Parajumpers, but don’t jump until you read this

Parajumpers Last Minute Jacket (XL) Blue

Parajumpers isn’t as well of a known brand in the U.S. as most others on this list since they are based out of Italy. However, they produce great parkas best suited for hiking around the Alps. Although slightly less expensive than Canada Goose, their jackets still start at around $500, which is a hefty price tag for most.

The coat is best recognized by its yellow strip, which indicates the hood coat can unzip and add a hood. Parajumpers offers countless incredible color options for those unwilling to compromise on fashion while still wearing a comfortable, insulated jacket. Many of the colors this brand offers are groundbreaking and have a massive European appeal.

18. Patagonia the coat, not the destination

Male hand reading tag of new parka duvet manufactured by Patagonia.

This infamous brand that’s utterly synonymous with outdoor ruggedness, as is evident by the name, Patagonia, is not only a fantastic brand for winter gear but also focuses on sustainability regarding material selection and usage. The brand focuses on producing the highest quality apparel possible while using recycled materials to generate an eco-friendly legacy.

19. Rudsak not to be confused with rucksack

 A model walks the runway in the Rudsak runway show.

When I first learned about this company, I had to re-read the name like 20 times because I kept thinking it was a rucksack. In any case, their initially confusing name doesn’t detract from the quality of their products. Founded in Montreal, Rudsak develops its coast to withstand the most brutal and harshest winter conditions.

What’s most amazing those these products are that despite the extensive and amazing insulation, the jackets remain lightweight. Rudsak coats can keep you warm up to temperatures of around -25 degrees

20. The North Face to save face in the snow

The North Face Women's Aconcagua Jacket, TNF Black, L

It’s of no surprise that the North Face makes this list. With prices coming in at around $200 for a jacket, a quarter of the cost of Canada Goose, North Face jackets are affordable, stylish, and highly functional. In addition to offering winter coats, the company also has an endless variety of fleece, parkas, coats, backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents, ideal for campers of any type.

As an American staple, North Face caters to mountaineers, climbers, college students, and those with an appetite for an outdoor lifestyle. In addition to their incredible outdoor wear, North Face sponsors more than 50 international athletes such as Fernanda Maciel, Jez Bragg, and Johnny Collinson.

21. Be unique with UNIQLO

Clothing on display at Uniqlo store in Moscow.

Uniqlo is the least expensive option on this list. With a price point starting at only $60, Uniqlo delivers a fully insulated jacket available in various colors. In addition, the company offers outerwear for men and women and has retail locations across the globe.

I guarantee there’s a Uniqlo somewhere close to you so that you can try on the clothing before purchase.