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8 Coats Similar to Mackage Brand

Canadian apparel company mackage brand.

The Mackage brand was founded in 1999 by Eran Elfassy as a means of establishing a fashion brand that was based on natural fibers and clothing that offered both style and comfort. Quality and durability are found in their natural down coats that bring performance and detail to the table. The brand, like many other fashion brands today, also has a strong commitment to sustainability as a key component of its values.

For Mackage, the average coat is going to cost $1,000, and this is a coat in a global market. Founded in Canada, the brand has locations across North America and in Europe’s key markets such as Paris and Aspen. It has also moved into Korea, China, and Japan.

With this market and the quality of this product, the Mackage brand is considered among the most prestigious in the world. There are many brands like this, if you don’t want to invest in the Mackage brand. Discover more coats like the Mackage brand right here.

1. The Canada Goose brand is much older than the Mackage brand and offers similar quality coats

Mackage Women's Kay Down Coat with Fur Trim Hood, Black, X-Small

The Canada Goose brand is often compared to the Mackage brand, offering winter coats of incredible quality. The brand was founded in 1957 and was originally founded to provide parkas and coats for rangers and police in Antarctica and in Canadian climates. The down of Canadian geese is used for this product, as the name implies.

Developed for men and women, Canada Goose did not become a high end brand until early in the twenty-first century, when celebrities such as Drake and Rihanna began to wear Canada Goose. Then everybody wanted this coat. In addition to quality and craftsmanship, the brand enhances its reputation by partnering with Polar Bears International.

You will see many fashion brands noting their values in sustainability, and Canada Goose is no different. With their partnership with Polar Bears International, Canada Goose provides donations to conservation efforts and donates all of their excess fabric to the Inuit for use in making their own clothing. The product is exceptional, with a similar average price of $1,000, like Mackage, and it is good enough for warmth for scientists in the Antarctica.

The Expedition Parka was designed for that purpose. The market for this product has moved all over the world, across North America and Europe, with the key demographic being the 36 to 56-year-old age group.

2. Moose Knuckles is a newer brand than Mackage but is competitive in its market offering excellent quotes

Moose Knuckles Shearling Stirling Parka Black/Black SM

The brand known as Moose Knuckles is a brand that has not been around as long as Mackage, and was founded in 2009. This brand offers a slightly lower price point than Mackage with coats starting at the $700 point and ranging to just under $1,000. The Moose Knuckles coat is one made with a similar level of tailoring and detail.

It also has a sustainability component to its manufacturing process, referring to its fabric as ethically sourced. These are coats for men and women with a streamlined silhouette. The coat comes with many pockets and a waterproof shell.

In its 10 years of business, the market for Moose Knuckles has expanded from its flagship store in Toronto to 11 locations across North America. The company has a global vision and expects to be marketing more in Europe in the coming years. Today, despite that the company has a base in Canada, its largest market share is in the United States, with 35 percent of Moose Knuckle’s customers coming from the United States and 33 percent coming from Canada.

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Moose Knuckle also has a nice showing of shoppers from the United Kingdom, and also sells in Turkey and Germany. The company has 48 percent male shoppers and 52 percent female shoppers with the largest demographic falling in the 25 to 34 year old bracket.

3. The Arc’teryx is another Canadian-based coat company that began by offering customers outerwear for harsh mountain climates

Arc'teryx Delta LT Jacket Men's | Lightweight Versatile Fleece Jacket | Black, XX-Large

The company known as Arc’teryx was founded in 1989 with the mission to provide skiiers and mountain climbers in North Vancouver, Canada, with outerwear that would work in a harsh mountain climate in the Great White North. These coats are made to climb mountains, literally. The brand was named after the old cold-bearing dinosaur the Archaeopteryx and, like the dinosaur, marks a coat that can withstand a lot and evolve with time.

This brand knows the importance of a quality coat, and is reputed to spend up to one year in research and development towards refining the simple parka. Still, the brand is half the price of a Mackage coat, with coats for Arc’teryx starting at $395. That price includes materials obtained from ethically obtained silver fox and Arctic blue fox fur.

Inside the coat are all natural duck and goose down filling, coated with a rubberized shell that contains air pockets for breathability. With this product you will also see an industrial level zipper that is designed to never break. Arc’teryx is committed to global expansion and has three lines in its customer market that it refers to as the Outdoor Expert, the Aspirational Adventurer, and the Urban Astute.

This is a brand that focuses on the customer that spends their days and their lives outdoors. As a global brand, it offers its product to over 40 countries and its shoppers are in the 26 to 56-year-old age group.

4. The Rudsak coat is another Canadian coat brand like Mackage with a lower starting price point

RUDSAK Women's Grace Down Coat, Black/Natural, X-Small

The brand known as Rudsak is another Canadian coat company that was founded in 1994 by Evik Asatoorian in Montreal, Quebec. The coat company has a superior reputation in the infamous garment district of Montreal. It is now a brand recognized all over the world, and comes with a much lower starting price point than Mackage.

For a Rudsak coat, you are going to be looking at a starting price of $195, but will get the same standard outer shell, down filling, and the weather protection that you are looking for. The style lineup is not as extensive with Rudsak as it is with Mackage, but the coats are highly sought after all the same. That said, the Rudsak coat is anything but boring and is purchased across the world, even in Turkey.

This coat is not your average coat and has a rustic style with an individual appeal. Here you have another apparel manufacturer that works with sustainable materials and construction. The brand has a wider market in Canada with 66 percent of their shoppers in Canada, 29 percent in the United States, and 2 percent in Turkey.

Italy, Sri Lanka, and other countries are the countries that purchase these coats. The demographic of shoppers with Rudsak is 39 percent male and 60 percent female and the age bracket of the shoppers is largely 25 to 34-year-olds.

5. Made in the USA, The North Face offers a complete outerwear package and supply product line

The North Face Women's Aconcagua Jacket, TNF Black, L

The North Face is a company named after the coldest side of a mountain, and is based in the United States catering to customers that like outdoor life. Despite its San Francisco location, The North Face was founded by Douglas and Susie Tompkins, two avid hikers has been in business since 1968 and began by offering outerwear to mountain climbers. In addition to big parkas, the company marketed footwear and equipment for big outdoor tasks. Within two years, Kenneth Klopp took over the business.

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Equipment for high performance mountain climbing is the mission of this company. In addition to its marketing, it sponsors mountain expeditions and has developed a large customer base that is fueled by the company’s mission statement “Never Stop Exploring.” Within 20 years of the company’s founding, The North Face began adding products to its product line that included skiwear.

The company also started playing with different colors for their brand, which included neon products, and even adding hair dye and mohawk accessories. The North Face wanted to celebrate the free spirits of the world with their product lines. By the end of the 80s their products included coats, sleeping bags, tents, and packs for mountain climbing and camping.

As the twentieth century drew to an end, The North Face logo, inspired by the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, became so much more prevalent, with the concepts of innovation and exploration being the drivers behind product development. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, The North Face had been acquired by VF Corporation and was worth $25.4 million. It also moved its headquarters location to Denver, Colorado.

Today, the coats for The North Face start at $395. The market share is primarily in the United States, with 76 percent of their customers in America, and 10 percent in Canada. The North Face also sells overseas to India, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

It’s key demographic is 52 percent female and 48 percent male in the 25 to 34 year old age gap.

6. The Marmot brand is another brand that makes coats for mountain climbersMarmot Women’s Ithaca Puffer Jacket | Down-Insulated, Water-Resistant, Jet Black ,Large

The Marmot brand is another American brand that was founded in 1971 in Alaska, and asserts that they make coats for glacier lovers and mountain climbers. A key difference between this company and other outerwear providers is in their insulation. Marmot says they sew their goose down insulation in tubes, where other companies sew it into boxes on the coats.

The Marmot brand is a large brand, and the company prides itself on having a store in every mall, while staying local and familiar to their large American base. The founders of Marmot are Dave Huntley and Eric Reynolds, who started the company from a club they formed in college at U.C. Santa Cruz that was a social club for mountain climbing.

A need for good outerwear was found, and met. The pair began making their own coats and sleeping bags and the company, Marmot Mountain Works, was found. This was an ambitious pair, who saw what happens when fame knocks on the shop’s door when Clint Eastwood wore one of their coats in one of his films.

This gave Huntley and Reynolds just the confidence they needed to begin expanding their product line. Today, the company offers coats that are much more designed for the mass market, with prices ranging from $49 to $100 for outerwear. They also make sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents for their outdoorsy customers, who are 70 percent American and 6 percent Canadian.

The company also sells to Russia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Unlike other outerwear companies, Marmot has more male customers than female, with 59 percent of their customers being male and 41 percent of their customers being female. The 25 to 34 year old age group is the key demographic for Marmot.

7. Cole Haan is one of the most famous luxury brand outerwear designers in the United States

Cole Haan Women's Classic Belted Trench Coat, Nude, Large

The Cole Haan brand is a brand that is recognized across America. It was founded in Chicago in 1928 and currently has headquarters in New York City and Greenland, New Hampshire in the United States. The name of the company is a combination of the two names of its founders, Eddie Haan and Trafton Cole.

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When the company first began, it was strictly a footwear company, and today it offers many products for both men and women that include accessories to the beautiful coats that they make. While footwear is still a product that predominates on the product line for Cole Haan, it does provide outerwear with textured designs that are very similar to Mackage. By 1982, after the company was sold, it had 40 stores all over the world and was worth $70 million. In 1988, Nike bought the company, and the company was purchased again in 2012 by Apax Partners.

Today, there are over 300 stores all over the world. Cole Haan has a global market that includes the Middle East, Asia, and North and South America. It also has stores in South Africa, and even Istanbul, in addition to multiple stores all over Europe.

You can find Cole Haan products in locations such as Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Zappos, Carnival, Neiman Marcus, and other stores around the world. As far as product as concerned, the company is another company with a sustainability mission and stopped using animal fur or skin in 2008. Other key features of the Cole Haan jackets include breathability, energy return, responsive cushioning, and natural motion, as positioned by the Cole Haan marketing mission.

Surviving in nature is what Cole Haan wants for the products that they sell. The market for Cole Haan is largely American with 91 percent of its customer base being in the United States, and two percent of its shoppers being in Canada. Its shoppers are 51 percent female and 49 percent male, and are largely between the ages of 25 to 34 years old.

Cole Haan is also very affordable with a product line of coats beginning at $109.

8. Rab defines itself as the company that are mountain people, and they bring a new level of customization to compare to Mackage’s puffer coat game

Rab Men's Microlight Alpine Down Jacket for Hiking, Climbing, and Skiing - Beluga - Large

If you are looking for a puffer coat that is unique in both fit and color, then you will like Rab. Starting at $300, the Rab coat is a down-filled puffer coat that fits and performs well. The Rab company was founded in the United Kingdom in Sheffield, and has a predominant base of customers in the United Kingdom.

This is a company that focuses on customizing the product to meet the customer’s needs. You decide exactly how puffy you want your jacket to be. A key focus in the innovation behind this coat is the warmth to weight ratio, where the company offers a very warm jacket that feels very light.

There are many different styles in this product line for both men and women. You can use them for day, or a waterproof down with a high fill power for that next mountain journey. If you don’t like down, synthetic insulation is available.

An interesting part of shopping with Rab is the customization part. When you go to the website you can purchase your coat by the activity that you need it for, such as hill walking, general use, mountaineering, multi-day trekking, climbing, and expeditions. You can also select your coat by the performance you expect from it.

Do you want it to be light, ultralight, or heavier? You can also select your coat based on the level of breathability, durability, and level of insulation, and level of windproofing in the coat. Most of the market share for Rab is in the United Kingdom, but they do ship all over the world.

The customers for Rab are 42 percent from the United Kingdom, 15 percent in the United States, 6 percent in Canada and they also have a lot of customers in Germany and France. The customer base is 62 percent male and 37 percent female with the most customers falling in the 25 to 34 year old age gap.