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11 Jackets Similar to Moncler Brand

Winter ware, ski jacket, bag and accessories in a Moncler fashion boutique window.

In the early 50s of southern France, not far from Italy and Switzerland, there was a tiny town that had a good reason to start a clothing line. Thanks to the mountain’s proximity, Moncler was born. The need was for a higher quality fabric to insulate and protect, mainly in winter sports.

Eventually, the line went on to include workers in similar climates who could benefit from durability. The emphasis on quality and warmth is the main reason the brand has been endeared in the hearts of those who know it for well over half a century. Today, Moncler keeps its product strategy deeply connected with the company’s roots.

While the fashion house originated in France, Moncler is based in Milan, Italy. Currently, down jackets, raincoats, windbreakers, and knitted items take up much of the product line. You can find one of these designer items at one of 300 Moncler retailers.

No location near you? The line can be found in luxury shops such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. Of course, you can also order directly from the Moncler website.

Jacket prices range from $850 to $4,000. Whether you’d like to hold and feel a product before purchasing it, or you’d like to find a better deal, it’s important to be aware of other options that are on the same level. Here, we’re going to go through a number of similar jackets that will be comparable in style, quality, and type.

Get your winter gloves on, we’re checking out some amazing jackets!

1. Classic Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket

B3 Bomber Jacket Aviator Real Shearling B3 Bomber Jacket Winter (Brown, m)

A great way to start off this list is with a popular bomber jacket from Overland. The brand is similar, as it caters to more outdoorsy functions. The Overland bomber jackets have more of a rugged exterior, but you can immediately get a feel for the connection to the Leo Short Down Moncler Jacket.

They are both form-fitting and black with padded collars and interiors. Both collars go high on the neck for a guaranteed warm time. B-3 comes with a fur type of trim on the cuffs, too.

Leo Down looks a bit sleeker, but the B-3 comes with a detachable hood. Both are highly reviewed men’s jackets. However, you’ll be able to get the B-3 for less than the Leo at around $700.

2. Roselawn Jacket

Moose Knuckles Women's Rockcliff 3 Hooded Down Jacket, Night Sky, X-Small

In the spirit of fur collars, we present the Roselawn by Moose Knuckles. The Calec Short Down Jacket is its Moncler equal. Both jackets come with a fur-trimmed hood, sideways pocket zippers, and an angled sew pattern.

Moncler’s version is white with black zippers, whereas Moose Knuckles’ comes in four different color combinations. The more expressive jackets come in options, such as black with silver zippers or blue with silver jackets and black fur. Roselawn is a bit longer, but the Calec has more neck coverage.

Moose Knuckles wanted to emphasize that the Roselawn Jacket is more loose fitting to allow the wearer greater mobility. These are for the ladies, as is evident by the slightly curvy cut. You can expect to pay around $1,000 to purchase the Roselawn Jacket.

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3. Pequea Jacket

Women's Waterproof Snow Ski Jacket Winter Warm Hooded Snow Coat Mountain Windproof Ski Jacket For Women

If you love the idea of the ladies’ Bady Short Down Jacket but are not such a fan of the poof sections, we’ve got a great substitute. Woolrich seemingly got their inspiration for the design from this jacket, at least that’s what the vibe is. Both the jacket by Moncler and Woolrich’s Pequea Jacket are pink with touches of black.

Bady has black zippers and snaps, as does the Pequea. The neck isn’t as well protected in the Pequea as it is in the Bady. However, when unbuttoned, both offer a wide neck area.

Pequea’s neck may not come with a hood, as its Moncler match, but it provides so much room that the wearer can easily fit scarves in the area or a hat. The hood on the Bady Jacket is so tight that only your head can fit inside. Claustrophobia alone might be a good reason to be directed to the Pequea.

If you like the more straightforward pink or two other colors, buy the Pequea directly from Woolrich at $430.

4. Billy-T Recycled Ripstop Down Jacket

Mackage Womens Kadalina Leather-Trim Down Jacket, Xxs

Finding the perfect fit for a child’s jacket can be a bit of a pain. Not because it’s tough, but because you know, as a parent, how quickly they will grow out of it. Nevertheless, they need to stay warm just like adults do.

That’s why we love the Billy-T Jacket by Mackage, which happens to be a match for Moncler’s Nahan Down Jacket. From the outside, the two are quite similar. They are both black with silver zippers.

Beyond that, there are some fundamental differences that you might only be able to spot if you’re paying close attention. For one, Billy-T is more of a matte finish in comparison with Nahan’s glossiness. The side zipper pockets on both jackets run parallel to one another but Moncler’s version blacks them out, even the bonus chest pocket.

Being unable to quickly locate the zipper might cause a tad bit of frustration for a child in a hurry. Another point for Billy-T is a wider neck. There’s room to add a scarf and hat. Moncler’s is too tight.

Have your son looking like a mini-me in this warm hug for $375.

5. Virginia Reversible Lambskin Leather Jacket

Milwaukee Leather SFL2825 Women's Snap Collar Black Lambskin Leather Jacket - Large

Who doesn’t love a jacket that can go with multiple looks? First, the Virginia Jacket has a smooth, brown leather finish that stretches just past the waist. The zipper is hidden and the pockets are thin, as most jackets for women are.

This is what makes it unique to the Overland brand. Where it takes after the more bubble-oriented jackets of Moncler is on the reverse side. The ladies’ jackets at Monclair, for the most part, have this ripple design and are glossy.

The Overland and Moncler jackets are smooth, but it’s the difference between cotton and silk. Both are soft but for their own reasons. Moncler is sleek and this Overland selection is soft with a matte finish.

Through experience, many know that glossy coats get cold faster, but the insulation is what helps it from negatively impacting the wearer. Virginia’s double layer also keeps them from touching the cold in a jacket that you might confuse for thin. This jacket can be yours for the price of $400.

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6. Skillman Jacket

TSLA Men's Full Zip Up Hoodie Jacket, Long Sleeve Performance Training Hoodie, Lightweight Workout Running Track Jackets, Chest Pocket Fullzip Black, Medium


A coat that’s a little longer, and still poofy, is one that feels extra insulated. That style is one that Moncler likes for men and women. It’s the kind of winter accessory you look forward to because you know there’s flexibility built in.

Moncler has a version of this type of jacket. It’s called Montcla Short Down Jacket for men. It’s longer and finally offers more room around the neck.

It still fits tightly around the head but unzipped, there’s breathing room. Moose Knuckles has a comparable jacket, the Skillman. This option is a tad longer and is outfitted with gold snaps and buttons, unlike the blackout Moncler.

The most useful part of the Skillman is the additional chest pockets, which are in addition to the two lower and larger pockets. Essentially, this is a great jacket to take when you’re on an adventure or just running errands. Another feature characteristic of Moose Knuckles is the wider hood.

Putting on legit headphones, a hat, and a scarf would be no problem in the Skillman Jacket. Not only does it zip up to the chin, but the hood has an extra neck layer that snaps. Get the man in your life one for $1,424.

7. Alsea Puffy Jacket

CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with Hoods (Padded) Light Puffer Jacket for Baby Boys Girls, Infants, Toddlers (6-12 Months,Blue)

Just like the adult counterpart, the down jackets are puffy for kids, too. However, the girl’s Moncler option has a new pattern. It’s still filled with the same materials.

But instead of being puffy with horizontal lines, the little girls have a geometric pattern to look at. Those fun shapes go up to the hood. The zippers blend in with the rest of the jacket and the hood is super insulated.

The Alsea Puffy Jacket by Woolrich is close but has enough uniqueness that there could easily be a preference. For one, there is no hood. The neck is wide, making room for additional accessories that would not fit in Moncler’s version.

It is back to the regular, horizontal pattern, though. The zippers are gold and the jacket is salmon. You could also get this same Woolrich jacket in black but, why?

The color is much bolder than the others, which makes it more kid-appropriate. Surprise your daughter with the Alesea Puffy Jacket for $360.

8. Trisha 2-in-1 Trench Coat

CREATMO US Women's Trench Coat Elegant Long Sleeve Loose Long Windbreaker Khaki L

There’s a legend that says all women must have at least one trench coat in their closet. Okay, that might not be true, but it’s always beneficial. Anyway, the two trenches in question today are the Aumar by Moncler and the Trisha by Mackage.

Both cling to the classic trench look with the flat exterior wrap, big buttons in twos, and a belt around the waist. It’s honestly the look that can make up for any outfit underneath. The bonus on Mackage’s version is the hood.

Traditional trenches don’t come with hoods but Trisha was thinking of your cold ears. These are the most professional-looking jackets and even have a touch of nostalgia. Long before the bigger jackets, trenches were quite common.

So, that modern hood is quite appreciated. Aside from that feature, everything else operates on buttons. For $690, you could have the black or beige Trisha Trench Coat.

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9. Crew Trench

ZEFOTIM Winter Coats for Women,Fashion Splicing Plush Zipper Hooded Coat Loose Warm Long Sleeve Pockets Jacket Coats Womens Winter Coats Fur Coats for Women Pea Coats for Women

Because guys have to get on this trend, too, Canada Goose has a mid-thigh jacket called a Crew Trench. From the fabric to sleeve length, Moncler’s answer to that is the Oshima Long Down Jacket. This version has two awkwardly long pockets in the front.

The top of the jacket leads you to wonder if the guy is carrying a backpack or going skydiving. Just kidding, the model is wearing a backpack, but the ensemble does a great job of blending in. The color of the jacket is a type of greenish gray, so it can be worn with anything.

On the other hand, Crew Trench comes in six colors. They are all good nature-related colors and could be seen in a camouflage pattern. Unlike Oshima, Crew Trench has four pockets in the front.

Two at the bottom look more like pouches since they open from the top and there’s no place to slide a hand. Chest pockets do have the slide-in option, though. Canada Goose and Moncler do a great job of protecting the neck through a zipper and snaps.

Extra coverage equals extra warmth. Order Crew Trench for $625.

10. Baby Crofton Hoody

Baby Boys Girls Winter Hoodie Jacket, Packable Lighweight Hooded Puffer Padded Down Alternative Coat Outwear for Infants, Toddlers & Baby, Navy, 4 Years(4T) = Tag 120


If the adults and children are in puffy down jackets, it would be wrong to leave out the infants. Moncler’s New Aubert Down Jacket is basically a pint-size version of the parent’s jacket. The lines are horizontal and there’s a form-fitting hood that is also made of puff material. Unlike the adult versions, the baby jackets have a colorful strip down the middle.

Giving parents extra convenience is always a way to gain loyalty. That seems like what Canada Goose had in mind for theirs. Baby Crofton Hoody comes in four colors and has a zipper that is a striking departure from the rest of the jacket.

For example, the pink jacket has a black zipper. The jacket comes down to the rear end, so the coverage is great. Worried about the safety of your newly walking toddler?

On the back is a reflective strip! Sizing goes up to 24 months. Get your baby one for $525.

11. Cloud 3Q Fur

Helly Hansen Women's Aden Down Parka with Faux Fur Hood, 597 Navy, X-Large

Sometimes, it’s so cold outside that you don’t even want the zipper exposed. If you’ve ever had bare skin touch an icy zipper, you know how immediately uncomfortable that feeling can be. Moose Knuckles understood the plight of the freezing zipper.

They designed a flap to insulate it. Body heat can now keep the zipper warm enough so you can avoid putting on gloves to touch it. Although to be fair, if it’s that cold, you should have gloves on to be careful.

What Moncler’s Barbel Long Down Jacket lacks in zipper flaps, it makes up for in long holes for pockets. Again, if winter air is blowing that hard, long entries into the pockets might not be a great thing. However, Barbel does have an integrated belt and a tight hoodie.

The Cloud has more rational slits for pockets and a double layer around the neck. Oh, not to mention, the fur for the ultimate comfy hood. Get yours for $1,190.