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Puffer Jacket vs Windbreaker – Differences? Similarities?

A man in orange puffer jacket.

As much as we want to wear the latest fashion, buy the fanciest clothes, and stay in touch with the trendiest of clothes, we overlook one important aspect, comfort. Comfort is an important factor in all that we do in life. Whether we are looking to buy a new pair of sneakers or shopping for the perfect house, everything has got to look right and feel right.

If you are not comfortable in your own skin, you can at least be comfortable in what you wear. When it comes to choosing the right jacket, you need to ask yourself, which is better, the puffer jacket or the windbreaker. There is no comparison as to which is better, that depends on what you are looking to achieve.

While both jackets provide warmth and protection from the rain, they offer so much more. Both jackets have been around for a long time. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, puffer jackets and windbreakers come in various designer fashions.

These jackets are made with the finest materials and are made to last through some of the harshest weather conditions. Both the puffer jacket and the windbreaker are designed to protect, only one will give you what you need. However, you must choose, which one is the best alternative for your need.

Sometimes, choosing means giving up warmth for fashion or vice versa.

However, that is not always the case. You can get a jacket that delivers more of what you want and need. What is great about both the puffer jacket and the windbreaker is the different styles they represent.

They are versatile and they are suitable for adults and children, and neither jacket will ever go out of style.

Puffer Jacket Pros and Benefits

The puffer jacket provides exceptional warmth to your body in cool, breezy weather. When temperatures are freezing and unbearable, the quilted jacket delivers on the spot. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, so you do not have to compromise fashion for warmth.

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The puffer jacket has excellent stitching patterns, which is part of its design. Downs material is sewn inside the lining to add extra cushion. As puffy as the jacket is you might believe that the jacket is heavy and bulky, but it is not.

The puffer jacket is lightweight, cozy, and weighs less than most jackets. Although the down material is soft and fluffy, it does add a little weight to the jacket, but not much. At the least, it might add a few ounces if that.

In any case, the puffer jacket is the most preferred, if there are other alternatives to choose from. If you find yourself in the middle of a bad rainy season, the puff is the jacket to have. This jacket will keep you dry unless you take it off.

Windbreaker Pros and Benefits

A woman in black windbreaker jacket standing on the rocks.

The windbreaker is the most popular among all ages of people. When I was going to school, I would not leave home without mine, and I have owned a few that I loved. Back in the day, nearly, if not all kids had one.

Today, you can still see that trend, where students are wearing windbreakers to stay warm and to keep dry from the rain. The windbreaker is not expensive, although the prices vary depending on the style you choose. Some windbreaker styles are plain, without a lining, and some may have a light lining inside made from cotton or some other light material.

The lining inside the windbreaker acts as a barrier, protecting you from the elements of nature. If light rain is in the forecast and a slight chill in the air, you want to wear a windbreaker. It is not too heavy, and it provides you with all the comfort you need.

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Similarities Between Puffer Jackets and Windbreakers

Woman in puffer jacket and beanie hat.

The similarities between the puffer and windbreaker might not surprise you at all. However, the puffer and the windbreakers are designed to protect you from cold and wet weather. Both may or may not come with a detachable or an attached hood.

I do not doubt that you will be able to find one or the other. Another similarity is both jackets are rain or water repellent. Water rolls off these jackets like water rolls off the backs of ducks.

Both the puffer and the windbreaker shield you from the wind. When it is cold outside and you are not sure what to wear, you have a choice. Depending on the weather, you can wear both jackets.

For example, if the temperature is freezing, wear both. When the temperature gets to a moderate temperature, take off the jacket you do not need. It is better to leave home with both jackets instead of one, especially if you live in a city where the temperature changes throughout the day.

Keep in mind, that both jackets act as barriers to prevent you from getting wet, and to keep you warm.

Differences Between Puffer Jackets and Windbreakers

Male casual outfit in windbreaker jacket.

While the similarities are great, there are some differences between the two. The puff jacket is lightweight, but it is heavier than a windbreaker. The puffer jacket is quilted and made from high-quality synthetic which is better than ordinary synthetic.

Ordinary synthetic loses its fluff and softness and does not hold up well when it gets wet. However, the windbreaker is not soft. The material most windbreakers are made from is nylon.

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The nylon retracts rain and makes it a great source of warmth, depending on the weather.

Which is More Affordable?

Affordability is priceless. Deciding which jacket to purchase can be a tough decision. If you live in a climate where the cold factor is extreme and wet, you might consider purchasing a nice puffer jacket.

The puffer jacket offers all the comfort of a nice, quilted jacket with great stitched patterns. The puffer is not expensive, but the prices can range from under $100 up to $2000. Puffer jackets made with down material tend to cost more than the ones made from synthetic fabric.

If comfort means a lot to you, the price is not something you are willing to compromise, then choose what you feel is best for you. However, why choose when you can have both? I own a puffer jacket that is lightweight, stylish, and trendy.

I also own a windbreaker that I wear when it is raining outside. My puffer jacket is for those days when the temperature is too cold to be outside without a nice, quilted jacket. If you had to choose, which would you prefer?