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8 Different Types of Rain Jackets for Men

Man in yellow heavy-weather jacket with cap.

Rain jackets are a very important part of a man’s closet because most guys are uncomfortable carrying an umbrella. In fact, most boys never get to see their fathers carrying an umbrella and this further entrenches these stereotypes. To this day, most men prefer to invest in a sturdy rain jacket instead of carrying an umbrella and as such, this special jacket has taken on many different iterations over the years.

Today we will look at the types of rain jackets that men need when it’s raining outside. This includes the groundbreaker rain jacket, the watertight rain jacket, preCip jacket, hooded jacket, lightweight jacket, Greenland jacket, Stockholm hooded jacket, and the shake the dry hooded jacket, to name but a few. So, if you’re on the market for a good rain jacket, then you’re in luck because once you go through this list, you’ll be able to identify which rain jacket is best for you.

Without further ado, let’s look at the different types of rain jackets that men have to choose from.

1. The groundbreaker rain jacket

Pensive old guy with rain jacket with smoke effect.

The groundbreaker is an excellent rain jacket that not only covers you from rain but also keeps you warm with a soft internal layer that cozies up to your skin much better than most normal rain jackets. The buttons are so tight that they keep everything on the inside dry and the pockets are only big enough to fit your arms and they’re comfortable and soft too. This is despite the fact that they’re made of a combination of plastic on the outside and soft fabric on the inner lining.

Where does the ground /windbreaker originate?

These jackets are called windbreakers because they are resistant to the wind and rain alike. Although quite thin, these jackets will keep you warm no matter what. They first came into existence in the 1970s, when they were used as regular formal outerwear, though some say they can be traced way back to 500 years ago.

Pros of groundbreaker jackets 

  • They are warm
  • They are light in weight
  • They are made of good quality
  • They’re wind and water-resistant


  • They can only handle light rain. If it rains too much, you will get wet.
  • They are light, meaning they can’t keep you warm in really cold temperatures.

2. Watertight rain jacket

Man in black jacket with umbrella.

As the name implies, watertight jackets do have a tight fit. However, they’re not so tight that you wouldn’t be able to manage movement in them. They were made to make sure that you don’t get wet and they are extremely light, as they’re made from an extremely thin type of material.

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The outside layer of most jackets is made of nylon or polyester.

History of the watertight jacket

The first watertight jacket to ever be created came into existence in 1824. They were designed by a Scottish chemist known as Charles Macintosh. He called it “Indian rubber cloth” which he made by sandwiching a core of rubber softened by naphtha between the two pieces of the fabric.

Today these jackets are used all around the world, not only because they have a sense of style but because they are affordable too.

Pros of the watertight jacket

  • They will not only completely cover you from the rain but they are wind resistant meaning that they will keep you slightly warm.
  • They also keep the snow from reaching you.
  • They are light meaning you can do any sort of sports wearing them.
  • If well taken care of, they can last for a very long time.

Cons of watertight 

  • They don’t give you enough space to breathe.
  • Although they will cover you from the rain, they can’t keep you 100 percent dry, and they can’t stand real cold weather.

3. PreCip jacket

Travelers, divers, tourists, and mountain climbers usually use this jacket during the rainy season as it’s perfect for extreme winter conditions. It has pockets and a hat too to cover you and it offers complete protection for the torso. This rain jacket is made from a type of fabric that can repeat water, thus keeping you dry by making sure that the raindrops hit the outside surface area and slide down.


  • The jacket is made from a 2.5-layer NanoPro Eco fabric which is a breathable and waterproof shell that’ll protect you from the rain and cold.
  • They are comfortable and, unlike others, you’ll easily feel comfortable in these jackets.


  • They aren’t 100 percent sealed and can fail during a heavy storm.
  • They are designed only for the winter or the rainy season.

4. Hooded jacket

Sad male teenager wearing hood jacket.

Hooded jackets are made of cotton. Some of them may be comfortable inside and can keep you warm, while others may have the same fabric inside that they have outside, which makes them effective for keeping you dry but not so much for keeping you warm. They come in all different sizes and designs, from long-lengthed ones that go all the way to the knees, to ones that only cover you from the waist up.

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History of hooded jackets

Hooded jackets first came into style during the 1930s in New York. The first company to produce them was Champion, a brand that is still well-known for streetwear to this day. Initially, Champion produced these jackets for workers who needed something warm during cold and rainy seasons.


  • They are warm and you can wear them for any casual occasion.
  • Unlike other rain jackets that may cause discomfort, this jacket is completely comfortable.
  • You can wear them with anything.


  • They’re not very reliable in heavy storms.
  • They’re not for formal wear.

5. Lightweight jacket

Young man wearing a moss green winter jacket.

Lightweight jackets are the best, especially for hiking. They’re exceptionally convenient because once the rain stops, you can easily fold them up and put them in your backpack. They are made of rubber and can resist water well.

Some of them have a cloth inside while others don’t. Just because they can protect you from the rain doesn’t mean that they are warm, because most lightweight jackets don’t come with an inner cloth layer to keep you warm. Most of them only consist of a cold rubber layer.

But, they do come in different designs and they always have a hood.


  • Since they’re lightweight, lightweight jackets can be folded to a small size and they can fit anywhere.
  • They are water-resistant.
  • They are breathable and perfect for hikers.
  • They are comfortable to wear in most seasons.


  • Because they’re lightweight, they cannot withstand the pressure of heavy wind and rain.
  • They won’t keep you warm.

6. Greenland jacket

Greenland jackets are made from polyester and organic cotton and they are 100 percent water and wind-resistant. This makes them ideal for any rainy or cold climate. From shoulder to elbow, the Greenland Jacket has double cotton padding to keep you warm and comfortable even in the harshest storms.

And, they’re usually green in color just like their name states. The creator of these jackets produced them for all different kinds of weather and applications, including hiking. That’s why they’re especially popular among outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Where do these jackets originally from?

These jackets were first made in Sweden, in 1960 by then 32-year-old Ake Nordin. He made this jacket using his Greenland-1000 material which was waxed with his own Greenland wax. After that, the jackets went viral from Sweden to South Korea and beyond.

Pros of the Greenland jackets

  • It’s surprisingly lightweight.
  • You’ll feel comfortable wearing it at any place.
  • They were made for cold and wet weather as they are water and wind-resistant.
  • They are comfortable and will not give you any difficulties in breathing.
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  • They are green in color, so they won’t go with everything in your wardrobe. Plus, green is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Unlike other jackets that are long in length, this jacket only reaches the waist and there aren’t any longer options than that.

7. Stockholm Wooded jacket

Man wearing a yellow jacket in a park.

These puffed jackets are not only rain resistant but they are extremely warm, plus they can stand the pressure of the wind. They come in different variations, with some being puffier than others. Some are only waist-length, while others go all the way down to the knees and they can be made of cotton, polyester, or nylon.

You can get them in any kind of design that you like and they come in all the different colors that you desire.


The jacket is a Swedish product, and the company that makes it went in public in 1993 – a symbol of its success on the market. the Stockholm wooded jacket is one of the best winter and rain jackets around and it’s known for its exceptional quality and ability to withstand rainwater and wind.


  • They are warm and can withstand wind pressure.
  • They come in many different designs and sizes.
  • The puffed ones are extremely warm as they are made of different layers.


  • The puffed ones can be hefty and less comfortable to wear.
  • The puffed ones are strictly for rain and wind, you can’t wear them in any other condition.

8. Shake dry hooded jacket

Man in waterproof jacket in the rain.

Shake dry hooded jackets are comfortable jackets to wear in any season. They are not only light but they are stylish too. These highly breathable jackets come in different colors too, although mostly dark colors.

They are made from polyester or nylon and can be worn with any type of clothing you like.


Gore Wear was the first company to make these jackets, and they were made to help bicycle riders stay warm even during the rainy season. These jackets are completely comfortable and can be used for various sports activities. They are made of cotton and polyester and they have a thin layer that makes them breathable and comfortable.

Most bikers appreciate these jackets especially when it’s raining because they keep them warm and dry.


  • They are comfortable in all types of weather.
  • They are water-resistant, and hikers and bikers highly favor them.
  • They are comfortable and breathable.
  • They come in all kinds of designs and colors.


  • Since they are light you can’t rely on them during heavy storms and rains.