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Can You Wear a Windbreaker Over a Hoodie?

Young woman on a side view poses wearing a black hoodie jacket,

When the weather turns from winter to spring, layers are a gal’s or guy’s best friend. Layers are a great way to adjust to the changing temperatures throughout the day. If you get too hot, you can peel a layer off.

If you feel chilly, you can wrap yourself up in an extra layer. Layers look cool while keeping you cozy and warm. If you’re wearing a hoodie, you might not want to wear a full coat over it.

That could feel bulky and uncomfortable. If you want to look stylish and feel free to move your arms, pulling a windbreaker over your hoodie might be the best idea. We have a few key tips for wearing a windbreaker over a hoodie and answers to some other questions you might have about windbreakers and hoodies.

Can you wear a windbreaker over a hoodie?

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The short answer is that you could probably wear a windbreaker over a hoodie. A windbreaker is usually slightly loose-fitting, which makes it ideal for layering over a thick hoodie material. If you’re worried about how a windbreaker and a hoodie look together, take comfort in the fact that style experts give this combination a nod of approval.

According to an article on, “Pair a windbreaker with a hoodie for a laid-back and stylish ensemble. To give this look a more refined finish, add dark brown leather casual boots to the equation. You’re looking at the hard proof that a windbreaker and a hoodie look amazing when you pair them together in a relaxed, casual outfit.”

As you can see, a hoodie and a windbreaker are a perfect match as long as you add the right accessories. If you want to dress up in a windbreaker and hoodie combo, you can pair them with some dark-washed high-quality jeans or even khakis.

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For a more athletic look, combine the windbreaker and hoodie with a pair of jogger sweatpants or basketball shorts. To complete a laidback look, swap the brown leather boots for slides with knee socks or a pair of comfortable sneakers. If your hoodie is oversized, you might struggle to pull your arms through a windbreaker’s sleeves if you already have a hoodie on.

To avoid this issue, try pairing a slightly oversized windbreaker with a lightweight hoodie or a medium-weight hoodie. If your hoodie is made of a puffy material such as sherpa, it might be best to either find a windbreaker that is a size or two larger than your usual size or switch the hoodie out for a slimmer fitting hoodie. For the best windbreaker and hoodie combination, try to coordinate your hoodie and windbreaker’s color scheme.

Go with a neutral hoodie in shades of black, brown, grey, navy, white, or cream and any colored windbreaker. Alternatively, you can make your windbreaker a neutral-colored item and then choose a hoodie that pops against the neutral windbreaker. You can also match your hoodie and windbreaker in the same shades.

If it’s springtime, a pastel hoodie and a pastel windbreaker would be a nice touch for an outfit. Pair them either in the same colors, such as a pink pastel hoodie and a pink pastel windbreaker, or match them based on contrasting colors. Windbreakers frequently come in fun colors and patterns, such as the retro 90s bright pastel colors that were so popular over two decades ago.

If you have a vintage windbreaker, pair it with a solid-colored hoodie to let its colors shine.

What do you wear with a windbreaker?

Obviously, you can wear a windbreaker with a hoodie as long as the windbreaker fits over the hoodie of your choice. You can also wear a regular t-shirt under a windbreaker in warmer weather or a sweater for a more dressed-up outfit. Since hoodies look cool under a windbreaker, you could also pair a windbreaker with a sweatshirt without a hood.

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The benefit of choosing to wear a sweatshirt instead of a hoodie under a windbreaker is that a sweatshirt won’t have a second hood. If your windbreaker and hoodie both have hoods, they might bunch up with each other or feel constricting around your neck. Alternatively, if your windbreaker doesn’t have a hood, your hoodie might keep your head dry and warm if an unexpected shower breaks out in the sky.

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Windbreakers look great with almost any kind of outfit. They may look a little out of place in an office setting since they are usually a casual style. If you plan on wearing a windbreaker in a professional setting that has a strict professional dress code, you may want to get a more professional, luxurious windbreaker.

If you are only wearing your windbreaker in the parking garage or on the walk to work, though, you shouldn’t worry too much about how it looks with the rest of your outfit. It’s better to slip a casual windbreaker over your suit jacket than let the rain ruin your suit (and your day).

Can you wear a sweater with a windbreaker?

Absolutely! A sweater–particularly a crewneck style sweater–and a windbreaker are classic combination that will always look stylish. According to an article on on the subject, “In situations comfort is crucial, this pairing of a windbreaker and a crew-neck sweater is always a winner.

Breathe an air of polish into this outfit by wearing dark brown leather Chelsea boots. Dress in a windbreaker and a crew-neck sweater to put together an everyday look that’s full of style and personality.” Since a windbreaker leans towards the casual end of the style spectrum, a nice sweater will automatically elevate this humble jacket.

Adding some jewelry like a simple chain necklace, plain black jeans, and ankle boots will up the ante on a windbreaker outfit and make you look as cool as can be.

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Can you wear jackets over hoodies?

Since hoodies can be bulky, you can usually wear jackets over hoodies, but sometimes hoodies are just too thick to slide another layer over. In these situations, it’s best to try to match a loose-fitting jacket with a lightweight hoodie. Some jackets are meant to be oversized.

Those types of jackets, such as trench coats and oversized jean jackets, work well with hoodies. When you try a jacket on over a hoodie, see if you can move your arms in a full range of motion. If you feel restricted, you may want to either change to a looser jacket or switch your hoodie out for something a little lighter.

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Sleeveless hoodies can be a great solution to the problem of bulky sleeves that prevent you from wearing a jacket over a hoodie. They have the same stylish athletic look as a regular hoodie while leaving your arms free to move around. If the weather is a little too warm for two jackets, a sleeveless hoodie will also keep you from overheating while still looking the way you like.

As a general rule, you can wear jackets with hoodies as long as they fit together. If the colors match, hoodies and jackets make a great combination. Pair your hoodie with a jacket in a neutral color such as black, brown, navy, white, gray, or even denim so that the colors complement each other.

Also, try to pair hoodies with casual jacket styles. If you pair a casual hoodie with a luxurious suit jacket, it might look a little out of place. Even so, sometimes unexpected combinations keep fashion fresh.

You may accidentally start a new trend by pairing unlikely garments with each other. If it looks good and feels good to you, that’s what matters most of all. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wearing hoodies and jackets, including different styles of windbreakers.