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How Warm Do Heated Jackets Get?

Sad frozen couple in warm heated jacket.

A heated jacket’s warmth depends on the battery voltage and the brand. These jackets have a heating element that, when turned on, will warm the jacket to a temperature between 100oF and 131oF. Also, the jacket comes with three temperature adjustment settings, which you can use to regulate the heat.

The heated jacket’s popularity is growing at a higher rate. Extreme cold temperatures and the desire for people to stay outside are two factors boosting demand for these coats worldwide. The global heated jacket market for 2020was estimated at USD 1.93 billion and is projected to increase at a 3.1% CAGR by 2028.

If you enjoy outdoor sports but find that the weather prevents you from participating, heated jackets are for you. You can enjoy hiking, winter biking, snowmobiling, motorbike riding, and downhill skiing without fear of the cold.

What Is a Heated Jacket?

Makita DCJ205ZM 18V LXT Heated Jacket, Only (Black, M), Medium

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

A heated jacket is a cozy and functional outerwear that keeps you warm even in the coldest weather. The jacket generates warmth by using a rechargeable battery to power thin and efficient heating wires. These tiny wires are inserted into the jacket’s interior, complete with control buttons for regulating the heat to your liking.

A Brief History of the Heated Jacket

The heated jacket bases its design on the technology of the under-mattress heated blankets, which started in the early 1900s. Dr. Sidney Rusell came up with this idea in 1912, which was later improved in 1930 by George Crowley. In 1936, George patented the first electric blanket, which became very popular, and the market was flooded with electric blankets.

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The 2000s brought us products like the North Face MET5 heated jacket, which came at a hefty price. Since then, new brands from different manufacturers have used heating elements to create unique designs like heated gilets. Today, heated jackets and gilets are available in elegant designs that correspond to the present technological period.

How Does a Heated Jacket Work?

A man in a heated winter jacket. Under the jacket heating elements.

Most heated jackets run on a lithium-ion battery. The battery sits in a pocket inside the jacket, and you can charge it with a USB port. The battery powers a heating element laid out in conductive fibers (carbon) in specific places, including the chest and back.

The fibers heat when you turn the jacket on the power. You can control how much heat the element produces by cycling through three different settings.

How Warm Do Heated Jackets Get?

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A heated jacket’s warmth depends on the battery, brand, temperature, and adjustment settings. Also, the heat you feel can depend on the activity you’re undertaking when wearing this jacket. Most jackets come with a temperature rating between 100oF and 131oF.

However, others can go below or above this rating, depending on the brand.

You can regulate the heat on your jacket to a comfortable level by choosing from three settings: low, medium, and high. When you set your heated jacket to low, you may not get a lot of warmth in there, but it can keep the battery running longer. On the other hand, choosing the high setting may be too hot, make you feel uncomfortable, and drain the battery quickly.

The medium setting is average; it keeps you warm enough while still saving the juice to run your battery for a little longer than the high setting. It’s good to note that the level of heat you choose will highly depend on the outdoor temperatures.

Pros and Cons of a Heated Jacket?

Heated jackets have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before purchasing one to see if it matches your needs. However, the benefits of this jacket outweigh the downsides.

Pros of a Heated Jacket

  • Extremely useful in colder climates as it keeps you warm
  • Heated jackets can last for years.
  • You can easily control the temperature to your liking.
  • It can eliminate health issues that are associated with cold weather.
  • You can wear under or over layers without looking bulky.
  • They are versatile since they can easily match any style,
  • Some jackets come with Bluetooth control for enhanced controllability.
  • It’s possible to charge your phone or other electronics using the jacket’s battery.
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Cons of a Heated Jacket

  • Costly
  • It requires electricity for it to work.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Heated Jacket?

There are a lot of heated jackets on the market, and it’s hard to decide which one is worth the investment. So, before you choose your jacket, keep the following points in mind:

Temperature Rating

Temperature ratings show how well a jacket will work in different conditions. If your jacket is not rated for your preferred temperature, it may not keep you warm enough.

Battery Voltage

The battery voltage determines the efficiency of the heated jacket. If the voltage is higher, the jacket will stay warmer for longer. In addition, check how long the battery takes to recharge.

The Jacket Style

Pretty stylish girl in heated jacket.

Do you want a fleece jacket? Something more athletic? A down jacket? A parka? Make sure it looks great on you, is comfortable, and fits your needs and style, whether for work, play, or something else.

Material Used

It’s always good to check the type of material your jacket has. This will provide you with all the essential information you require about comfort, durability, and weather protection. For example, Polyester is mainly used in heated jackets because it’s less expensive than other materials and is more flexible and lightweight.

Additionally, the fabric can be treated as water-resistant or waterproof, making it popular in these jackets and other waterproofed outerwear.

Heating Element

Before choosing your heated jacket, consider the heating element type that has been used. The most popular ones are carbon, graphene, and steel plates. Carbon fiber is the more popular choice because it’s thinner, lighter, more flexible, and more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Heated Jackets

Here are the most asked questions about the heated jacket.

1. How Long Does the Battery of a Heated Jacket Last?

A heated jacket battery will last at least six hours, but this highly depends on the heating settings you have on the jacket. You can expect the battery to run longer when set to low heating than when set to high heat setting.

2. How Long Does It Take for a Heated Jacket to Warm Up?

Most jackets will heat in about five minutes, but it depends on the brand and temperature settings. For example, the jacket warms faster at higher temperature settings.

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3. Are Heated Jackets Safe?

Heated jackets are safe as long as you follow the care instructions on the jacket’s tag. You’ll want to ensure that you don’t expose the jacket’s battery to water or high heat for too long. Also, ensure that you take out the battery when it’s not in use.

Your jacket should be perfectly safe for everyday wear if you follow the instructions.

4. Can I Wear a Heated Jacket in the Rain?

Yes, you can wear your heated jacket in the rain. A heated jacket is water-resistant or water-resistant, meaning it will be fine if you don’t submerge it. However, if you’re in a downpour and want to stay dry, we recommend using an umbrella or waterproof poncho.

5. How Should a Heated Jacket Fit?

A heated jacket should fit comfortably and look great. It should be a little snug, but it shouldn’t restrict your range of motion. If you are wearing many layers, be sure to account for that when selecting a size.

Additionally, don’t choose a loose jacket for you to get the much-needed warmth in your body.

6. Can You Machine Wash a Heated Jacket?

The best thing to do is to follow the jacket’s care recommendations. However, most heated jackets can be machine washed on a cold, mild cycle. Also, before cleaning the jacket, remember to remove the power bank.

It’s also a good idea to avoid twisting it to prevent fiber damage, and you can air dry the jacket instead of using a dryer.

7. What Is the Difference Between a Heated Jacket and a Heated Vest?

The main difference between a heated jacket and a heated vest is their coverage. A heated jacket covers your entire upper body, while a heated vest is sleeveless, so it doesn’t cover the hands. Heated vests are excellent for people who find they overheat more easily.

Heated jackets are a great choice if you’re looking for maximum warmth or run cold and want to be sure you’re covered.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Moments with a Heated Jacket

If you’re an active person in cold weather, a heated jacket is a great way to help you enjoy your favorite activities without feeling chilled from the cold. It’s also reasonably practical for people living in colder regions or climates. A heated jacket will keep you warm, depending on your setting.

So, for you to enjoy your outdoor activities, choose the correct level depending on how cold it gets and what feels comfortable to your body.