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How Long Do Heated Jackets Work Per Charge?

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The amount of time that a heated jacket will work per charge will depend on the voltage of the battery. The lower the voltage, the longer the heated jacket will take to charge. You also have to take into account the age of the battery, and the care of the coat.

When the heated jacket is well maintained, it is expected that the battery life will be longer. Learn more about heated jackets and their charge life here, as well as how to make sure the battery life on your heated jackets lasts a long time.

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Heated clothing is clothing that comes with a battery pre-installed, and that can be removed. That battery pack is connected to the wires and coils that heat the jacket. The coils and the wires that heat the jacket are typically sewn into the jacket, but the battery pack can often be removed.

The coils and the wiring of the heated elements are woven into the areas of the garment where you are expected to lose the most body heat. These wires are made of a specific fibre technology that makes them both lightweight and waterproof, and easy to wear. You will barely notice them. When you are ready to wear your coat, you turn the element on, wait for the coat to warm up, and then you are good to go.

You will need to charge the batteries separately when you are not using the jacket. Here, you just take the batteries out and charge them in your lithium-ion battery charger. When they are ready, you can put the battery pack back into the jacket, and wear it as normal.

You will use a controller to adjust the level of the battery from low heat to high heat, based on your needs.

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The Safety of Heated Jackets

Heated jackets are safe when properly used and maintained. The battery packs are sealed with a waterproof membrane that is impermeable, unless the battery pack is submerged. That will damage the battery pack and the heated jacket will not be safe to use.

Using the jacket is perfectly safe. The wires are also coated with impermeable membranes, so they will not harm you. Additionally, they are sewn into the coat so that you do not have to worry about ever coming into direct contact with heated wiring systems.

It is safe to wash heated jackets and there is a process to do so safely. It is also safe to travel with your heated jackets. When traveling with heated jackets on airlines, there are FAA rules when it comes to lithium-ion batteries.

You can not travel with damaged batteries in your carry-on or checked baggage. If a damaged battery were to overheat it could cause significant damage on a plane. You also can not travel with batteries with a Watt-Hour (Wh) life carried past 100 Wh.

To gauge the Wh life of your heated jacket batteries, a typical 7.2-volt lithium-ion battery has a Wh of approximately 15 Wh. You can calculate the Wh of a battery by multiplying the voltage of the battery with the number of Amps of it, which will be listed on the package. Most battery packs for heated jackets are safe to fly with if the battery is in good condition, and  if the voltage is not significantly high.

Typically, the highest voltage you are going to see on a heated jacket will be 12 volts, and depending on its Amps, the Wh is not likely to be higher than 20 or 40 Wh.

Types of Batteries for Heated Jackets

There are three main types of batteries for heated jackets, and this will determine how long the batteries will last per charge. There are standard, extended, and slim heated jacket battery packs. There is not a set voltage by type, as each type will have its own range of voltages.

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Additionally, if you are able to find matching ports, you can often switch out battery packs for your heated jacket. The standard battery packs for heated jackets are the most commonly used, but don’t offer the most extensive battery cycles. An extended battery pack will store more power, and also has longer cables with more coverage.

If you are looking for minimal coverage in a heated jacket, a standard battery pack will do. For more warmth, extended battery packs are the best choice. You can tell the difference by the size of the battery pack. Extended battery packs are going to be larger and heavier.

You won’t be able to miss the difference, some extended battery packs are not even suitable for some heated jackets because they are large enough to impact the mobility of the coat. Slim battery packs for heated jackets are very much like standard battery packs in terms of the healing power that they offer. The heated jackets can offer additional compartments for slim battery packs, where you can change out battery packs when the technical specifications allow for it.

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Care of Heated Jacket Battery Packs

As with any piece of technology, the battery pack in your heated jacket needs to be taken care of. Battery packs can be charged as often as you wish. They typically do not take more than a few hours at most to charge.

A lower voltage battery will take even less time, sometimes as little as 90 minutes. It’s not necessary or advised to charge the battery pack overnight. If you need the heated battery pack for the morning, it is best to charge the battery pack during the day to be used the following day.

You can charge the battery by simply inserting it into its adapter and charging it with a socket on the wall. The length of time that the charge will last will depend on the use of the battery, and also the voltage of the battery. A 12 volt battery fully-charged can last for several hours, up to 7 hours.

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It will depend on how high the heat settings are as well. Batteries with lower voltages will have a lower life span on the low heat settings and an even lower power cycle on the high heat settings. You want to be sure that you don’t overcharge the battery pack.

This could overheat the internal components of the battery and lead to safety concerns such as fire. Always remove the battery pack from the adapter once it has finished charging. To ensure you are caring for your heated jacket properly, follow the owner’s manual first.

You will want to be sure that you are using those instructions to take care for your specific battery pack and the wiring of your coat. Almost all heated jackets can be washed, and you will find some care instructions for this in your owner’s manual.  Remove the battery packs before you wash the jacket, and close all zippers and enclosures before you put it in the washer.

If you decide to change the battery pack for your heated garment, be sure that the packs are compatible with the heated jacket. Changing the voltage of your battery pack may not be safe. It is safer to purchase a heated garment with a different voltage of battery pack.

If the heated jacket becomes damaged, be careful with how you manage the batteries at this point. Try to charge them, but test the jacket briefly with the battery pack in before you determine what to do with them next.  Always keep the battery packs out of reach from children whether the jacket has been damaged or not.