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How Much Do Heated Jackets Weigh?

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When the weather starts to drop well below freezing, you may find that your average jacket or heavy coat just isn’t cutting it in the warm department. One of the new options to consider is a heated jacket, which may throw you for a loop for just a minute. They have not been around for too many years and are starting to generate a lot of attention.

When the weather is cold, a heated jacket works in a way like a heated blanket, not only giving you a layer but warming that layer to a comfortable temperature, making it feel as though you are carrying the indoors with you. If you are an avid traveler, it may be important for you to know the average weight of this heated jacket so that you can properly pack it for trips.

How Much Do Heated Jackets Weigh?

The short answer is that the average weight of heated jackets ranges between 8 and 10 pounds. This is all dependent on the brand of the heated jacket and how they have it designed. No matter which you choose, the weight is very similar, and the same areas will be generating a decent amount of heat.

 What Impacts the Weight of the Heated Jackets?

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There are many factors to consider when it comes to heated jackets and why some may weigh a little more than others.

  • Jacket size
  • Battery size
  • Number of heating elements
  • Materials used

Depending on your current size and the jacket that you need to be comfortable with, some sizes may weigh more than others. This is to be expected with any jacket and heated jackets are no exception. Not all heated jackets use the same battery to store the power of the heating elements within the jacket.

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Some of the batteries are larger than others, which means that the overall weight of the heated jacket will increase. Those that use batteries to double for mobile device chargers are often much larger than the batteries used by the more economical brands. In order to compete with other brands in the industry, it is important to have enough hearing elements within the jacket so that when you wear it, you can maintain a comfortable temperature.

There are some heated jackets that weigh a lot less than the average weight but chances are they are missing heating coils within the jacket and not performing as well as others. In addition to the heating system within the jacket, the materials used surrounding the jacket can have a direct impact on the overall weight of the heated jacket. Trying to warm up the body and maintain that heat is essential for these jackets, so if it is full of fleece or cotton, there will be a difference in the weight.

You may find a heated jacket that is a puffer or a relatively thin jacket that has a layer of fleece just over the elements.

Is the Heated Jacket Worth the Investment?

When you are scrolling through and looking for the different heated jackets that are available online for purchase, you may quickly come across some with attractive prices while others will be a bit more expensive. There are several benefits to purchasing a heated jacket, but it needs to be one that is made with quality and will perform as its expected.

  • Maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Battery life means you are warm for hours.
  • Work efficiently and maintain performance.
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Whether you are out working or just enjoying the outdoors during the coolest time of the year, the heated jacket makes it worth getting out there and staying a while. Hunters find these to be ideal in their hunts, allowing them to improve their experience, especially during duck season. Your body temperature will stay the same as it would if you were indoors, giving you the confidence to complete the tasks you were planning to do or just head out for a walk when snow is everywhere.

Do not feel the need to rush back inside after being out for a little while. Many of the batteries in these heated jackets offer several hours of heat, with some lasting almost an entire workday. This is great when you have events that you need to be at in the winter areas but want to be comfortable while you are taking them on.

For those who work the outdoors year-round, a heated jacket may be exactly what is needed. In the past, those who ranch, farm, or do other duties outside seem to suffer from not being able to stay warm. This requires you to make many breaks and attempt to get warm just to keep doing.

With a heated jacket, you have the ability to keep going, maximizing your performance and showcasing the investment of a heated jacket.

Is There A Preferred Brand of Heated Jackets?

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While there are so many well-known brands offering a version of heating jackets, the Ororo Heated Vest was the first to launch in this market a few years ago. Since then, Ororo and other brands have moved into making jackets that are heated so that families can enjoy their favorite outdoor activities no matter what time of the year it is.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Heated Jacket

Before you move forward with purchasing a heated jacket, you must first consider the cost of one. While there are some brands that are significantly cheaper than other well-known brands, you need to be careful. You could end up getting exactly what you pay for.

This does not mean that you need the most expensive model in the search, but you want to find something at a medium price. When you try on your heated jacket for the first time, make sure you are checking how it fits on your body. When you wear this jacket, it is important to make sure that you have room to add a couple of layers if you need them.

You do not want to have to snug a heated jacket where the elements feel as though they are directly on your skin.

Final Thoughts

Making a purchase of a heated jacket is something you must consider, especially if you spend a lot of your time outside in the winter months. Keep in mind that there are benefits to working more efficiently and also staying warm through the process.  A heated jacket is proving to be a positive investment for many families and individuals who want a different option for the winter.

If you are interested in a heated jacket, keep in mind that there are multiple parts that need to be kept up with at all times.