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What is a Packable Puffer Jacket?

Packable puffer coat lightweight for a man hanging on the store,

We all used to wear those fold-up windbreakers that we could roll up and stuff into a tiny little pouch when we weren’t wearing them, and that is what a packable puffer jacket is. It is a down or cotton puffer jacket that you can pack away into something that will be easy to stow away, store, or travel with. Down jackets are among the most popular things to wear in cooler temperatures, because they are warm, durable, and also very trendy.

If you are thinking of a packable puffer jacket, here is everything you need to know about them.

The Packable Puffer Jacket Defined

Packable puffer coats are a trend in down puffer coats where you take the jacket, roll it up when you are done with it, and store it somewhere. They are ideal for people that live in small places, travel a lot, or don’t want their closet filled with a huge puffer coat with room for not much else. The packable puffer jacket has a multitude of benefits on top of the benefit of being able to store easily.

The packable puffer jacket has the benefits of warmth and durability, and all of the benefits your traditional puffer jacket has. It is also water-resistant or waterproof in almost every puffer coat because they are designed to withstand strong temperatures. Additionally, the puffer coat has something of power to it, as it is a global trend that has been long-lasting all over the world for years for good cause.

The packable puffer jacket kicks that up a notch by offering the additional benefit of being easy to use, even when you aren’t wearing it.

Packable Puffer Jackets Are Just as Warm

A woman wearing a black puffer jacket.

The packable puffer jacket is just as warm as your traditional puffer coat. It offers the same kind of down-fill power and insulation that any puffer coat will give you. When you are looking for a packable puffer jacket, you want to look for the same things that you would look for in any other puffer coat.

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In down coats, the filling is made of geese or duck down clusters that are taken from underneath the feathers of the belly of the animal. These clusters are known as plumage, and they work to keep ducks and geese very warm. They will work to keep you warm as well.

Although packable puffer jackets will keep you warm, they don’t have the same puff that a traditional puffer coat will have. That is because they need to be packed away and the puff needs to be a little bit lighter. Still, packable puffer coats have some down-fill power.

Down fill power is the power or strength of the down that makes the jackets warm, and it is defined and quantified by a number. You want to see a high number for down fill power when you are purchasing a down coat. A puffer coat with a down fill power of 800 or 900 is going to be a beautifully puffy and warm coat.

Packable puffer jackets may have a down fill power in the 400 range. That doesn’t mean they are any less warm. It only means they are slightly less puffy than other puffy coats.

Packable puffer jackets will be insulated in other ways to ensure warmth is not sacrificed for the packable benefit. The insulation in packable puffer jackets is typically down or a synthetic type of insulation. Either form of padding is a lightweight form, and the down padding will be warmer.

In packable puffer jackets, the puffs are created by unique stitching methods to ensure that the jacket has some durability.

The Durability of the Packable Puffer Jacket

Durability is what puffer jackets are known for, after their warmth and coziness. This is a jacket that can survive extreme temperatures and extreme climates for years. Most puffer jackets that are made with down will also be fitted with fabric that does not rip, in order to ensure a longer lifespan of the jacket.

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What you may find with this kind of fabric on a packable puffer jacket is that it will keep moisture in. It is very easy to get too warm in these coats, so you want to wear them when the temperatures are low. It is not a spring or fall coat unless the thermometer has dipped.

Look for a jacket with this unique stitching and you will have a puffer coat that lasts a long time.

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Key Benefits of a Packable Jacket

The key benefit of a packable jacket, outside of the benefits of a puffer coat, is that it is easy to store. This is a coat that can be put in to small spaces, without consuming your entire closet or living space. Even a drawer or a cubby is a good place to put your jacket.

When your packable jacket is put away, it won’t take much more room than a pair of large socks. The unique features of a packable coat are that although puffy, it folds into your packable pocket very easily. In its compressed position, it fits almost anywhere.

The packable jacket is just as warm as any other puffer coat, particularly when it is down. It is also easier to pack away when it is down. The down-fill power of the coat is what will contribute to your warmth, and even higher-fill powers will be able to fold up easily.

Packable jackets are also usually made to be water-resistant. They are made with the same fabric as puffer coats that aren’t packable. Many are also treated with a DWR coating that helps with their water resistance.

This coating will wear off over time from precipitation and also from being washed. You will also notice that worn areas such as cuffs, neckline, and zipper lines, will also wear off faster. You can purchase your own DWR coating and ensure that your jacket stays water-resistant as long as you want it to.

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It’s not a bad idea to do this as an errand at least once or twice a year, particularly if you use the jacket a lot in extreme temperatures. These coats can be stored anywhere, even in your purse. They are easy to pack up, easy to unfold, and easy to wear.

Warmth, durability, and ease of use are markers of this coat that offers many benefits.

A Little About the Fabric of Packable Puffer Jackets

Packable puffer jackets are made with a very similar fabric to standard puffer coats that you can’t pack up. If you are looking for one that will be durable, look for the denier rating on the fabric. This indicates how dense the material is.

It won’t stipulate waterproof or water-resistant at the time, but many fabrics with a higher density will be coated or naturally waterproof or water-resistant. The higher the denier rating, the more durable the fabric, and not just with water resistance. If the denier rating is lower, you will have a lighter coat but the protection won’t be as strong.

You want to look for a denier rating of at least 10D when you are looking for durable fabrics in your outerwear. The weight of the coat makes a significant difference for you as well and will factor into your decision. Many people like puffer coats because they are lighter by design.

It is the loft of the down fill power that provides that. With more air in the down fill, the puffer coat is going to be natural light. You want to see one that is in the area of 10 ounces in weight.

In the end, you will find that, although it feels light, this is a jacket that is meant to last.