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Are Rain Jackets Breathable?

Young beautiful woman wearing rain jacket in cold weather.

Yes, some raincoats are breathable and some are not. There are different types of raincoats, and if you want a raincoat that will allow your body to breathe, you need to choose the right type. For example, if you want or need a raincoat that provides both protection from the rain and free-flowing air, you need to choose carefully.

However, you should also be prepared to pay extra. Raincoats vary in length, making your choices easier if you prefer a certain length. It is important to note that the best breathable raincoats have at least three features:

Breathability of Fabric

Attractive model wearing navy rain jacket on the beach.

Breathable fabric is the most important feature to look for in certain types of clothing. If you are choosing a raincoat, you want one that will allow your body to breathe and keep you dry at the same time. After wearing a raincoat for a certain amount of time, your body may begin to overheat, causing you to perspire.

After all, you need to sweat. You will not want to keep your sweat trapped inside.

Ventilation Features

Young girl posing at studio in autumn jacket isolated on red orange background.

The type of fabric your raincoat is made of plays a vital role in breathability and ventilation. Some, if not most, raincoats come with zip-off sleeves to allow air to circulate. If air is circulating on the inside of your raincoat, you can avoid getting too hot and removing your raincoat before you need to.

Circulating air helps keep the moisture at a minimum and eliminates mildew. A raincoat can mildew or build up a sour odor if moisture is trapped inside for an extended amount of time. Raincoats made from a mixture of blended materials like spandex, polyester, and nylon seem to provide the best ventilation.

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Mesh lining

The type of lining inside your raincoat helps to determine how much air circulates. The mesh lining is breathable, soft, and lightweight. Linings also add weight to the jacket, making them a bit heavier, but not much.

If you like the mesh lining, you can probably find a raincoat with light or dark-colored mesh, depending on where you look. Nevertheless, we look at several raincoats that are breathable in rainy weather.

Raincoats with Personality

A running fit blonde in the rain jacket.

Raincoats with Dry Vents

You might be thinking about a dryer with vents when you see these words. However, some of the most popular raincoats or rain jackets are made from a special kind of waterproof material that repels water. Most styles come with built-in zippers under the arm to allow the air to circulate freely, keep you dry, and prevent moisture build-up.

Some raincoats have Velcro running downs the front of the jacket, the same length as a zipper. Double protection for double action. Your body can breathe and you can feel at ease, not worrying about sweating while trying to stay dry.

Pertex Sheild Light Weight or Ultra Lightweight Raincoats

Lightweight raincoats are not as heavy as vinyl raincoats, but they still protect from the rain. Raincoats made from a material called Pertex Sheild have the right combination of blends to keep you dry. Not only is this fabric waterproof, but it is also breathable.

If you like walking during scattered showers, or when sprinkles are falling from the sky, you may want to invest in a lightweight raincoat. Some lightweight raincoats or raincoats, may or may not have an interior lining. However, this depends on the manufacturer and the type of raincoat you decide to buy.

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What is so special about this type of jacket is its pack-and-go portability.

Nylon Raincoats

Blue nylon raincoat.

Raincoats made from nylon material offer the most rain protection, but not a lot of ventilation. If you are not a heavy sweater and do not mind being slightly cool, nylon raincoats are the best choice. Nylon is waterproof, tough, and durable, which means that water slides off as easily and as quickly as it hits the jacket.

To test out the water-resistant level, you might want to try it out in moderate rain, and see how it holds up.

Spandex and Polyester Raincoats

You can keep dry without losing your style of fashion with a versatile raincoat. This type of raincoat has a mesh lining, and it is stretchable. I have personally not heard of or seen a stretchable raincoat.

However, the outer surface is made from spandex and polyester and it is both breathable and waterproof. All raincoats are not the same, as some may be plain, while others offer more added protection. They are either made from different fabrics and textures, have different types of linings, or do not offer the same level of breathability.

Nevertheless, raincoats do what raincoats are designed to do, and that is to shield you from the rain.

NanoPro Waterproof Technology Raincoats

NanoPro technology is known for its durability, breathability, and strong waterproof feature. Raincoats made with this technology offer extreme protection from heavy rain, and are ideal for outdoor hiking, running, or jogging. Even though this raincoat is heavier than most, because it is made from polyester fabric, it still provides breathable in addition to protection.

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Raincoats with Silky Meshing Lining

It may or may not matter to you, what type of lining your raincoat has, but it should. If you have sensitive skin as I do, you want to choose a material that will agree with your sensitive skin. Silk is smooth and soft, and when you add mesh, you have a raincoat that is solid, lightweight, breathable, and easy to pack.

Things to Remember

Choosing a raincoat can be fun and exciting, but not if you choose the wrong one. Some raincoats are one size fits all. This might not be the way to go if you are short or tall.

For example, if you are a tall person, you want a raincoat that will protect you as much as possible. So, in this case, the length should be an important factor, when you are choosing a raincoat. If you are short and want full-body protection from the rain, you need to choose a short-style raincoat.

if you choose one that is longer than you are tall, you might trip. Regardless of your weight or height, you should always try on your rain apparel. Some clothing even raincoats are cut differently, and might not fit the way you would like it to fit.

Some materials might fit too snug, and others might fit too loose. Overall, you can decide if you want to enjoy the rainy season in style, or if you want to stay dry. If you prefer a particular color, most manufacturers make raincoats of many colors, so that you have a variety to choose from.